Katherine Mays

I’ve been a dancer my entire life, a hula hooper since 2011, and a yogi since 2012. For me, creative and expressive movement has always been a form of meditation and prayer, as well as a way to communicate unity and joy. In 2016,I joined the multicultural movement troupe Tableau Cadre Movement Ensemble and began learning belly dance from Kendra Ray and Heather Marie, and this divine feminine art form has led me to a deeper awareness of subtlety and taught me the importance of the breath in sustained movement. I began to deepen my yoga practice around this time, culminating this year in obtaining my 200hr RYT certificate from Red Yoga in Ann Arbor. I teach hula hoop classes and workshops around Southeast Michigan, and I perform hoop dance professionally and for fun at shows and festivals throughout the Midwest. I aim to help my students to achieve a “flow state”, to get to a place where they aren’t thinking – they’re just doing. I love bringing together hooping and yoga, which have both transformed my mental and physical health and my life, and helping others unlock this moving meditation that creates balance is my dream. This happens naturally in hooping because in order to do it, you need to be totally and fully in the present moment (or risk smashing yourself or someone else with a fast-moving plastic circle)!

Class Offerings: Circles of Life – Hoop Flow

Based in the yoga principles of balance and breath, we will flow with the hoop as a prop to deepen our asana practice and move to spinning and twirling in the second part of the class while introducing a more dance-like flow with the hoop. No experience hula hooping necessary!