Janie Cricket

Janie Cricket is a bridge of movement, meditation, and ceremony from practices and traditions all around the world. She works with large groups to activate and align each individual within their personal sovereignty while also weaving our personal experiences into the collective good. Her mission as a facilitator and instructor is to align people in open-hearted connection while being surrounded by other like-lighted seekers, movers, teachers, sound healers, and ceremonialist. Follow her on Instagram @janiecricket or find her on Facebook as Janie Cricket, Lightweaver. Check out her website for one-on-one sessions or other festival bookings at www.SacredSovereignSage.com.

Class Offerings: Sacred Sirens of the Water – Akashic Water Journey

Dive deep into the sacred waters of Akasha and be transported through this auditory and vibrational guided journey. This gathering will facilitate a cleansing, calming and refreshing effect through the element of water. This workshop begins with an introduction explaining “What are the Akashic Records and how can we utilize them in a space of healing and empowerment?” followed by an immersive guided sound journey into the Akashic Records as a group. During this journey, we will focus upon harnessing and connecting with the Elemental Guides of the Sacred Water. Once we meet our guides we will wash away anything that is obstructing our path towards greater freedom and healing. Join the Janie Cricket with featured musical guests, Cassandra Justine & Melissa Tigerlily, as they call upon the Sacred Sirens through toning and sounds, taking us deeper into our ancient connection with the Sacred Mama Water.