Erin Covert

Intrigued with natural healing from a young age, I have been practicing yoga and meditation since 1995. As a way to combat stress, enhance decision making, and boost my mood, I established a daily meditation routine that has grown and evolved with each new phase of my life. Being able to embrace change while managing roadblocks is something that meditation has given me the ability to do. My previous experience was working in the spa industry as a talent development coordinator for business owners and their teams. I quickly saw how mentally stressed out people where from all angles of the business and I knew I wanted to help people relax full time. I launched Studio for Mindfulness launched in December of 2018 and have helped hundreds of students learn meditation and mindfulness.

Class Offerings: Tools & Techniques for Everyday Mindfulness

Gain the practical tools to incorporate mindfulness in your everyday life through this interactive workshop. Not only will you learn simple and effective meditation techniques to keep you centered and grounded, but we will discuss tools on how to handle conflict and move past roadblocks so that you can be mindful in the here and now with no strings attached. You will gain information to plug into your daily routine so that you can be your best self.