Elana Ostrovsky

Elana Ostrovsky is a Lover of gem crystals, mineral specimens and fine jewelry who has spent over fifteen years building an exquisite collection of crystals to share with the world. While her experience is rooted in curating a museum quality crystal collection, over time her passion for crystals has expanded far beyond a purely aesthetic platform, and has led her to explore spirituality, energy and the art of healing. Through the modalities of movement, meditation, nutrition and prayer Elana has developed a disciplined practice designed to inspire healing and growth. She now takes a more mindful approach in using crystals as her allies in order to support and amplify a deeper connection, wellness and peace. Elana is committed to continue to provide high vibration crystals, to co-creating the life of her dreams and to share  her journey and knowledge along the way in hopes to spark magic and help others heal themselves too

Class Offerings: The Crystals That I Carry

In her introductory workshop The Crystals That I Carry, Elana Ostrovsky will explore how certain crystals can support our ambitions and life design. She will share how crystals meet us exactly where we are at in this moment and provide us with exactly what we need. Drawing upon experience from her own story, Elana will give practical advice on:

  • How to harness your full presence and power 
  • How to set intentions and how crystals can amplify those intentions
  • How to incorporate easy mindful practices and meditations into your daily routine

At this workshop you will learn:

  • A protection prayer to prevent being thrown off center
  • Which crystals are best suited for staying rooted to the earth
  • Which crystals encourage spiritual flow and connection