Biana Mavasheva

Biana Mavasheva, MA, LPC

Kai Chi Do


For Biana and many people around the world who practice Kai Chi Do, it is one of the best parts of their day.

Since its invocation in the 1970’s, Kai Chi Do has helped bring profound transformation and healing into the lives of thousands. In 2007 Biana began training with the founder of the Kai Chi Do practice, Charles Robinson, after experiencing the immense mysticism the metaphysical workout brought into her life. As one of the first Certified instructors of this enchanting practice, Biana has been holding numerous Chi Circles and offering support to new Kai Chi Do instructors emerging across the globe.

In 2010 Biana founded Oneness Center Inc. and as a certified Advanced Awakened Oneness Trainer from Oneness University in India and a Licensed Professional Counselor Psychologist, Biana has now assisted the personal and spiritual growth of hundreds of people through workshops and individual care. Biana expresses that her joy comes from watching people resolve conflict, heal relationships, connect to their inner essence, feel empowered and soar in their lives.

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Class Offerings: 


Workshop 1 Kai Chi Do® : Explore the Power of the 5 Elements

Get Naturally High and Elevate your Consciousness in a Kai Chi Do circle where we will commune with the 5 elements of life – Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Ether.  Kai Chi Do is a Metaphysical Workout for Body, Mind, and Spirit — Like dancing while you’re meditating…With a bunch of friends… Putting some air between your thoughts…Until the sun shines in your head… And your body hears it.  

Workshop 2 Kai Chi Do® : A Communion with Breath

This system of aerobic movement, sound and breathwork combines to create a deepened connection with source, self and others.  Kai Chi Do provides a natural process for enhancing emotional well-being. This workshop creates an active meditation, which leads to healing unconscious thought limitations and other self-limiting patterns.  We will open a pure light vortex and work with ascended Masters to support our empowerment, inner joy, wisdom and alignment.

Workshop 3 Kai Chi Do® : Fire Ceremony

Fire is the element of purification and passion. In ceremony, fire activates our intentions facilitating their manifestation.  In this Kai Chi Do circle we work with the Fire Element and invite it to merge with us, empowering us and opening us as co-creators with our Source.  Utilizing tribal sound, music and movement, we come together as community to feel the pulse of Mother Earth and the vastness of Father Sky as they imbue us with heightened energy and connection.

Workshop 4 Kai Chi Do® : Breathwork

Kai Breathwork is a highly experiential inner journey that uses holotropic breath, music, and sacred space to create the conditions for an inner experience that can be very deep, profound and healing. This type of breathwork has had a long lineage especially in cultures that place a high value on spiritual experience or, at least, practices that have the potential for psychological and spiritual healing such as rites of passage, initiations, and other culturally sanctioned rituals and religious ceremony. We will open the space with a Kai Chi Do circle and then move into a Kai Breathwork journey. The workshop is designed to support people to experience non-ordinary states of consciousness.