Betty Lacey

Artist, yoga teacher, adventure challenge & team building facilitator, earth shaper, environmental educator (here in the woods of Proud Lake).  Betty Lacey is a connector. Her work connects people to themselves, their communities, and Mother Nature. For decades, she has helped students of all ages tap into their creativity, kindness and courage, find meaning in the mysteries of the woods, and learn their vital roles in the web of life. She has been on staff at the Walled Lake Outdoor Education Center for 33 years, and currently teaches nature and art classes there, along with community building and Challenge Course events. Betty is also a garden designer, specializing in native landscapes, and a yoga and meditation teacher at STS Zenergy in Highland, MI. Her classes carry messages of personal growth and compassion.

Class Offerings: Diverse Communities are Healthy Communities- Lessons from Nature

A peaceful hike along the Huron River, through the pine plantation, around the Dying Pond, and into the cool, layered climax/canopy forest. We will explore examples of harmony, balance, sharing resources, cooperation and communication. Experience more of the gorgeous variety the  Proud Lake area has to offer with a guide who has studied and taught about this area for over 30 years. Family friendly.