Amber Vizzaccaro

Amber Vizzaccaro is an Alternative Medicine Practitioner, certified Holistic Health Coach, and Health Intuitive who specializes in natural healing and sustainable behavior modification. She helps people all over the world recover from chronic health problems naturally, using nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, detoxification, mindset shaping, and lifestyle changes as the primary forms of treatment. Amber creates customized healing protocols for her clients, and then she helps them implement the protocol into their lives, step-by-step, through a sustainable lifestyle method she has developed. Within her online practice,, she combines her pre-medical background with information from Anthony William (the Medical Medium) to help people heal from conditions all across the board in the same way that she did from her own chronic health problems, thanks to his life-changing information that is ahead of science and research.

Class Offerings: Natural Healing 101

We will cover:
– Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components of health problems, and why it’s necessary to take a holistic approach to health and healing. I will be emphasizing physical root causes, because it is the most important and yet the most misunderstood.
– Debunking health and medical misinformation that is holding you back from vibrant health.
– The foundations for healing naturally.
– How to incorporate all aspects of healing into one holistic healing protocol.
– How to break everything down into smaller steps, eliminate overwhelm, and turn healing into a sustainable lifestyle with ease.
– Specific action steps that every single person can start to take to starting healing daily.
….And so much more!

While I specialize in helping people who are really suffering with health conditions – such as in autoimmune conditions, chronic pain, cancers, and mystery illness – this information applies to everyone, not just the chronically ill. I work with people all across the spectrum of health/illness. Anyone who has ever been bloated, gotten a headache, experienced hormonal issues, struggled with their energy levels, wanted to lose weight or clear up their skin, or just not felt their best can benefit immensely from this information. It is completely universal and applies to everyone, even if at the prevention level.