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Heidi Swartzloff has been a standout instructor at The Barre Code Metro Detroit since 2013. Originally from Portage, Michigan where she danced competitively from an early age, Heidi brought her passion for dance with her to college at Michigan State University where she founded the Impulse Dance group in 2005. After graduating with a degree in Communication, she followed another passion out west to Colorado to ski and explore the Rocky Mountains. While in Colorado, Heidi taught youth dance classes and enjoyed being part of an active and health conscious community. Since returning to Michigan, Heidi has been an integral part of The Barre Code family and is known for her engaging commentary, empowering presence, and challenging classes. 

Class Offerings: Barre

Lengthen and strengthen your muscles with Heidi during this 50-minute, full-body workout. Incorporating the best of barre, the studio’s cornerstone class will push you to challenge both the body and mind while focusing on working each muscle group to fatigue. Work through dynamic, full-range movements alongside targeted, isometrics to really feel the shake and burn. Round out the total-body experience with mindful, deep stretch that will leave you feeling accomplished and centered. Learn more about The Barre Code Metro Detroit at, and follow them on Instagram @barrecode_metd!