These days it’s the new thing to go on a yoga retreat. Search the internet and you will quickly see places all over the world offering a yoga vacation.

And there is no secret way. Gone are the days of taking a vacation where you spend all your money, eat way too much, drink way too much, sleep way too little and return home feeling totally depleted.

Our yoga retreats are tailored to meet the needs of our new age yoga lifestyles. Barefoot’s founder, Beth James has been leading retreats for 5 years now in exotic places all around the world.

She has taken groups to Bali, Costa Rica (several times) Hawaii, Greece, &northern Michigan.

Let her share some reasons why you should SAY YES and join us in one of upcoming retreats!


Reason #1- You deserve to see the World.

Traveling is one of the only things you spend money on yet leave feeling richer. When you travel you get the chance to practice so much of the yoga we practice on the mat! Getting out of your comfort zone and being in a new place, helps you see the world & yourself with new eyes. It allows you to expand what you thought you knew about the world, drop some preconceived notions & become more EXPANSIVE!!!

This is how we grow, constantly learning & unlearning. The more you travel the more connected you to start to feel to all the people of this world. And that translates to more LOVE. Love of this earth makes us want to care more for her and one another.


#2 Deepen your spiritual practice.

A retreat provides a mini immersion. We wake up intentionally together. Yoga and meditation every morning. Set to the background of somewhere gorgeous (Morocco and Bali anyone!?!?). We eat mindfully together, with the backdrop conversation revolving around our journey, our hopes, dreams, desires as well as bonding with new friends about your struggles and challenges. It is like for one week forming our own little family.  And one that is excited for you to get spiritual. People that understand your desire for the afternoon to yourself, to read your book, get a massage- take a NAP!  Retreats are the perfect mix of being an introvert or extrovert- We carve space for time together connected and time in nature connecting to source.


#3 We do all the planning!!!

Hours spent reading reviews, learning about excursions, culture, sights, best food have all been done! It is like we are your travel agent!!!


#4 Yoga – duh!?

Twice a day usually, longer classes, more intimate. More meditation, more pranayama. The chance to get back on track to feeling healthy and whole! With like-minded community around to help inspire you.


#5 Because we have SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

Yes, there is yoga, meditation, inward time! But we have so much fun! We hike, we find sunrise or sunset, we go to dinners together.

For Morocco, we are camel riding, having a henna party & a fire dancer!!

In Bali we will be doing a sunrise hike, visiting the water temple, learning how to make traditional offerings & so much more!

Feel free to reach out with more questions. Both retreats can be found here!

Due to last minute cancellation one spot opened for Magic in Morocco

And only 3 are left for Bali!