Where does your strength lie?

From time to time I would notice myself wondering “what keeps so many people so motivated/strong/resilient/persistent and how can I tap into some of that!?” The path to the answer has been a long journey that continues to unfold today. In discovering the answer, I began to understand much about myself; the things I say to myself, the schedule that I keep/adhere to, and the relationships I have. I am a great work in progress and am happy to say I understand more now of how to cultivate this strength in order to call upon it in situations where it is needed the most. 

For some, strength may be a physical manifestation: the body and how strong it is. For others strength may be completely mental: the mind and what it can endure/withstand. For others, strength is the relationship formed and maintained with something greater…spirit. And lastly, for yogis we have the trifecta, the joining or yoking of the physical, mental, and spiritual strength.

“I express myself in a powerful way.”

This journey has lead me deeper into the questioning and answering of a lifetime of hows and whys. Where does this strength come from? Where do we start/look to obtain it? How long will it last? etc. etc. etc…


The Summer Solstice occurs this year on June 21. The solstice marks the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. The word Solstice stems from the Latin word solstitium with Sol meaning “Sun” and Sistere meaning “To make stand, stand still.” Sol = Sun; is represented by the Element of Fire.

June 21 also marks International Yoga Day. Yoga, meaning to yoke or unite, symbolizes the connection of the body to life. Yoga is a practice of the mind, of the body, and of the spirit. On this day, June 21, we are intimately yoked to the changing of the seasons, remembering as we reconnect with life’s divine plan and feel deeply connected to all of life.   

“I am strong and courageous.”

The Solar Plexus: the third chakra, wheel/energy center, of the body, is represented by the sun, the element of fire. Fire can be both purifying/cleansing and nourishing yet it can also be destructive. The belly, the area where the solar plexus lays can be a great source of strength and power. As the sun (sol) is the source of life in the solar system, the navel (the location of the solar plexus) represents the source of life in the body. In the womb, we are connected to our mother via an umbilical cord, which, when severed, becomes the navel. From this area one’s courage, voice, breath, energy, stamina, and drive develop. 

“I stand up for myself.”

PRACTICE: Breath of Fire
A practice to strengthen the core and awaken the solar plexus.

Beginners start slow. 30 seconds, and at a slower rate. The key here, pace yourself.

  1. Sit up tall, lengthening the space between your navel and your chest.
  2. Breathe in and out through the nose and start to pull your abdomen in during the exhale, and let the belly expand out during the inhale. Imagine your belly fills up with air during the inhale and use your abdominal muscles to push the air out during the exhale.
  3. Start to shorten each breath and pick up the pace. The breathing should be loud and quick. (think 1 breath cycle (in/out) each second) 
  4. Try to equalize the inhale and the exhale in both strength and length.

Pause and take a few slow deep breaths here. Pay attention, notice any changes. Stop at any time if you get light-headed. 

“I choose the best for myself.”

Source of Power: Source of Strength

As you move throughout the rest of this day and the remaining summer months, do something every day that allows you to feel strong. Deepen your relationships with those most important to you so they can lift you up. Begin a strength training regimen. Deepen you practice (spiritually, physically, and mentally)~ the summer months are a great time to have new experiences like checking out yoga festivals!

Aug 16-18 Join me as I teach Source of Strength Yoga in the woods of Michigan at Barefoot and Free Yoga Festival.  With a playlist to live for we will cultivate the strength needed to thrive!

Class Offering: Source of Strength
One can only build on a solid foundation. In this class we will build and support strong legs, core, and arms through a combination of strong holds, calisthenics, and yoga poses. Build a healthy mind, body, and spirit on a strong foundation with source of strength yoga. Leave stronger and more inspired.

Motivate Yourself with these positive Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations
Say them daily, at moments when you most/least, place them around the house where they are constantly visible. Love yourself!

  • I love and accept myself.
  • I stand up for myself.
  • I am strong and courageous.
  • I am worthy of love, kindness, and respect.
  • I choose the best for myself.
  • I express myself in a powerful way.
  • I am proud of my achievements.
  • I honor myself.
  • I choose healthy relationships.
  • I am authentic.
  • I direct my own life.
  • I appreciate my strengths.
  • I feel my own power.
  • I am free to choose in any situation.
  • I seek opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.
  • I am at peace with myself.

~peace & love~

Embrace the journey,

Dr. Krishana 200hr RYT