Bondo Booth is an open air photo booth experience from Detroit specializing in community and public events. We create a memorable experience for your guests through immediate access to photos, engaging booth hosts, high quality studio equipment, imaginative backdrops and props, and user-friendly technology. 

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IOGA Activewear

Our clothes are made for women who love sports but also like to be comfortable while looking empowering, stylish, sexy and beautiful. Our goal is to dress your body and inspire your soul!

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Buy the Change

Buy The Change is an accessories and home goods company focused on bringing economic opportunity to women artisans around the world through the sale of their hand crafted products.  Every product offered is handmade and many are crafted from recycled and up-cycled materials. You will find blankets, bags, scarves, jewelry, baskets and much more.

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Awakened Provisions

Awakened Provisions is a wellness company that will be providing healthy gluten-free, dairy-free, organic baked goods, teas & shrubs, along with a small selection of housemade, eco-friendly body care & home goods. With a focus in yoga & massage, Awakened Provisions works with nature to offer products & services that support nutrition, movement, community & high vibes!

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Bom Dia Threads

Bom Dia Threads is an adventure brand for the outdoor-lover seeking comfort and style.  We are a conscious company rooted in a connection with the outdoors and are always stoked for our next adventure.  

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Anthony’s Italian Ice

All natural.  Dairy free. Gluten free. Nut free. In business since 1993. Voted best italian ice by Chicago magazine in 2011. They will be serving lemon & Watermelon at our festival.

Runabout Coffee

Runabout Coffee helps you foster connection among your community by bringing the coffee shop experience to you. We have a mobile espresso bar, a pour-over coffee cart, and a variety of delectable iced beverages to ensure your event is a caffeinated success and one your guests won’t soon forget. 

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Free Spirit Delicacies

We believe true wellness arises when we re-align ourselves with the rhythms and elements of nature. We believe whole-heartedly in the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection for optimal health and wellness. We believe that all physical, mental, and emotional issues are interconnected. Additionally, symptoms that manifest physically are very often caused by imbalances in our energetic body, heart and mind. To truly heal holistically, one must address and nurture one’s entire being.

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Breathe Yoga + Salt

Breathe Yoga Salt exists to help you breathe better and feel better using tools like Halotherapy, yoga, and breath work all in one space! During a Salty Yoga class, students breathe in the benefits of dry salt air (Halotherapy) to maximize the breath and detoxify the body.  Compliment your practice by meditating in the Salt Lounge with Halotherapy, calming music, water fountains, and a soft Himalayan Salt floor. Students can also enjoy special events and education around holistic well-being.

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Little Bird Soul

Little Bird Soul handcrafts malas and simple jewelry made out of semiprecious stones and crystals. We create beautiful pieces that bring peace and love to the breath and body. We are so excited to connect with all of our lovely friends once again at Barefoot and Free!

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Buttery. That’s how soft our clothing is. You’ll fall in love with our super, silky soft inspirational flowy tanks, body draping tees, sexy & relaxed long-sleeved, cozy sweatshirts and hoodies – all made of the highest quality. Everyone can wear YogiStoned, everywhere – for yoga practice or a walk in nature – wear them to sweat, to chill, to play. It’s working together with like-minded and like-hearted passionate partners, like Barefoot&Free Yoga Festival, that makeYogiStoned come to life. 


I created the Element 14 and the AQUATIC14 grippy shoes to be used for barre/yoga/pilates and water sports such as; paddle boarding for added grip and to protect your feet from he hot sand, shells and rocks.  Protect your children and yourselves from slipping in or around the pool! Your toes are exposed to allow for splaying and balance in yoga and barre.

Batter Up Waffle Company 

Batter Up Waffle Company is a food truck offering sweet and savory waffle creations.  Anything from breakfast to lunch, or dinner, Batter Up has what you’re looking for.

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Pitstop Eatery

Pitstop Eatery Company is excited to introduce you food of the land that introduced yoga to the world – India! Come try our refreshing drinks to quench your thirst and protein rich food to serve your appetite. All our food offerings are vegetarian and made in a 100% vegetarian kitchen.

Nakee Butter

Nakee Butter = spreads with benefits. Handcrafted with minimal ingredients, Nakee Butter targets specific health functions to fuel life’s daily adventures. Our debut product is Nakee Butter iQ, which is a peanut butter-cacao spread infused with plant proteins and coconut/MCT oil for mental dexterity. It’s packaged in a convenient squeeze pouch, making it the perfect on-the-go snack replacement.

My Little Honey Pot

Enjoy our organic, non-GMO deliciousness….The Honey Pots signature farm-to-trailer from scratch recipes will nourish your soul~ We share our passion for quality food while providing our fellow Michiganders with a healthy option when away from home and a memorable dining experience. Vegan and Gluten Free Options are available upon request! A menu tease: Tostadas, Pizza, Avocado & Sun-dried Tomato Egg Rolls, Veggie Pizza, Veggie Fried Rice, Sushi, Lentil Street Taco’s…and more. And of course our signature desserts: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cacao-Pb-Swirl Brownies (V, GF), Date Cookies (V,GF), Queen Bee Shake (V, GF), Muffins and more! See ya’ll soon!

Prana Malas

Tisha and her husband will be offering one of a kind hand knotted gemstone mala beads, bracelets, earrings and dream catchers. Each piece is handcrafted with love, high vibrations and healing intention. We are so honored to be part of Barefoot and Free for the third year!

Breathe In Detroit

Breathe in Detroit creates mindful apparel that gives back. We believe in celebrating the resilience of the human spirit and the power of new beginnings. Just like Detroit, our story is one of renewal and recovery, of what is possible when you lift your head up, open your heart, and breathe. We care about our environment and our communities: a portion of every sale is donated to our nonprofit partners, and all of our products are ethically sourced and environmentally responsible. Made locally with love and kindness, our creations spread messages of positivity, light and love and inspire others to do the same. Feel the movement! Love, Detroit.

Starseed Movement

This is an energy-conscious movement practice that was created out of the clear need to transcend the division between people. There is no room for labels in a STARSEED practice, only authenticity expressed through movement.

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Time2Chill Gelato

We feature Michigan-made Palazzolo Artisan Gelato and Sorbetto. We carry about 25 flavors on the truck, including nut free, gluten free, vegan/dairy free and kosher options so there is something for everyone.


Karma Collective

Karma Collective is more than just a clothing brand. It is about spreading positivity, and inspiration through the messages that we incorporate through our designs, empowering each person who wears one to be an agent of change.eryone.

Golden Hemp Company

Golden Hemp Company is dedicated to utilizing Hemp-derived products to optimize everyday living. Our ambition is to advocate and inspire a well-balanced lifestyle of mind, body, and soul.

Andiamo Italian

Family owned and operated, Andiamo Restaurants are known for exquisite dining experiences, with modern Italian dishes and classic favorites. There are 8 locations in the metro Detroit area.

Shakti Warrior

Artist designed Eco friendly Yoga Mats, Yoga Mat Bags, Yoga Cork Blocks, Yoga Straps, Mandala Towels, and our Clothing Line.  Our Ahimsa and Ananda Mats are 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly and sustainable. Our factories are also certified emission free factories.

Stone Lotus Cannibis Consulting

Stone Lotus Cannabis Consulting will be at Barefoot this year with CBD products, including sports rub, chocolates, cartridges, and vegan energy bites.  We’ll have “canna-kits” and gift boxes to make your own creations at home and we will be providing on the spot mini consultations where we can help you determine if cannabis is right for you. We’ll also have some fun cannabis accessories and so many stickers. (No THC products will be available for sale). 

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Blooming Botanicals

Blooming Botanicals is a small, local CBD company out of Lansing, MI. They specialize in herbal CBD infusions and energetically aligned products.

Enside Projects

We are a crystal boutique specializing in finely curated gem quality crystals, mineral specimens and hand-crafted jewelry. Our collection offers high vibration healing stones, home decor crystals and lamps, energy tools and amulets. All of our pieces are hand-selected with Love and heart, and are designed to evoke color, sparkle and Light in to your life. 


Kava Oasis

Kerry has been working with many spiritual modalities including astrology and tarot. She has also been working with plant medicines to expand her consciousness and is strongly connected to Kava. She is bringing Kava, a plant from the South Pacific and Kratom, a plant from Southeast Asia, to Barefoot. Join her at her Kava Oasis and learn about these plant medicines.