The Chinese word for crisis- is frequently invoked and western motivational speaking as being composed of the two Chinese characters signifying “danger” and “opportunity.“  In Japanese the word Kiki- similarly has two definitions of both crisis and opportunity.

I think of this quite often in my life, but especially when times are tough. It is a powerful reminder that there’s always opportunity.

Another beautiful way we can look at this is the darkest part of the night coming right before the dawn.

Although right now most of us are practicing “ social distancing “ There is an undercurrent of intense deeper connection happening.


This is the time period where perhaps more than ever we see how we are all in this together.

Every person on the planet. And while some are struggling at this time more than others, somehow knowing this we surrender our own losses a little more easily.

Personally I’ve been practicing social distancing now for two weeks but we still take walks and I have gone to the grocery store a few times.

Every time that I am out near others something very profound has been happening and I think I’m not the only one that’s noticed.

People’s eyes, making eye contact and our eyes tell a story.

Through our eyes you can see the softness, the vulnerability & of course even some of the sadness and anxiety. But more than anything else you can see our connection.

I have also noticed a deep kindness whether that’s just been someone at the grocery store patiently waiting for someone else to come down the aisle to keep the 6 feet of distance or smiling offering to help if something dropped out of the cart but laughing as they realize the other person doesn’t want them touching their food.

I’ve seen it everywhere I have been this opportunity to more deeply connect to our humanness our heart centered space.

We also have a gift during this time of losing our sense of time. Have you found yourself in the middle of the day needing to remember what day the week it is? Losing track of time?

Maybe you’ve been able to sleep in and take naps to treat your body with a restfulness that you haven’t perhaps in decades.

souAnd of course there are some of us on the front lines not getting to do any of this, perhaps feeling more stress than ever before at any other time in their life. I hope that if this is you that you can feel our worldwide sense of gratitude and admiration for the risk you are taking and the work you are doing.

Because this is yet another chance to dive deep into our human connection.

The crisis/opportunity shows us that we always get to make a choice. Without dismissing this crisis we can harness our power to choose to look at deep connections right now.

In the meantime—-

We are predicting, manifesting, dreaming, praying for the most glorious summer of connection and JOY!

Our festival is in August and we love daydreaming right now about how wonderful this fifth year celebration truly will be.

Barefoot has always been about deep connection and this summer we feel that more so than ever before we will be laughing, cuddling-puddling, deeply soul gazing and most importantly feeling more connected than ever.

Crisis or opportunity—- The choice is yours my friends!

All my love.

Beth James 

Founder, Barefoot & Free

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