If you Google benefits of yoga many different things pop up. Mostly physical at first glance, things like increases in flexibility, increases in muscle tone and strength, improved respiration, energy, and vitality.

While all of these are amazingly true, I have found for myself and also for many students of Yoga that potentially the greatest gift of Yoga is not physical! 

So, what is this gift you ask?

Well the answer is simple yet the reasoning goes deep.



Friendship, is what I would say has been yoga’s greatest gift for myself and countless others.

Now, to explain more fully let me back up a bit.

Growing up I always had friendships, and in middle school my mom joked about how I had a new best friend every week. I finally landed on a tribe in high school and when I look back on my youth my friendships were the most influential part of it.

But college came, and for me this was the time period of beginning to find myself. It was where I first learned of yoga, when eastern studies were introduced to me. Reading books like Siddhartha and The Tao, I started to question the whole world around me. I began to question lifestyles, beliefs, and religions. I think this is what we hope can happen at a young age, we open our eyes to the world!

To a world that maybe we didn’t know was there.

So, it was during this time period that I realized so many of the relationships that I had were not providing me with the depth that I was seeking. There’s that strange shallowness of existence you recognize as you grow from a teenager and into an adult.

I found myself in that in between state. I found it very hard to forge new relationships that had the depth and meaning I wanted.

It wasn’t until my young 20s, after backpacking around Southeast Asia, that I started to see the depth that I was seeking. The first studio I fell in love with after my travels gifted me with so many things, among them was the power to know myself and to love myself.

It is this butterfly process of yoga that helps us find the other seekers out there.


My adult life is filled with deep connections with yoginis I have met over the last 20 years.

I met my husband in yoga. My sister circle, all my best friends from my yoga community.

Remember the girl scouts saying…

“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other is gold.”

The great thing about this is I keep making these connections.

The coolest most interesting people are in yoga.

Why you might ask?

Because these people tend to be interested in themselves and doing their spiritual work, releasing their toxic beliefs, wanting to make the world better.

And yoga empowers us to do this. To evolve, to grow, to keep expanding.

Class allows us to open up, allows ourselves to be vulnerable, to be seen and to be loved for who we are!

The coolest people are in yoga!

Because we learn we are enough we learn we are worthy. Then we attract more of the same.

My intention with every event I create stems from this value. Human connection, more joy, a better life TOGETHER!



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