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We are so excited to have so many incredible instructors leading talks, sharing circles and workshops on a variety of topics. Check out all of the incredible offerings below and get your tickets today!

Astrology; Where are we now!? Our Cosmic DNA

In this presentation, we will explore the characteristics of each planet, their personality traits, and what they mean to us. As well, we will take a deep dive into where the planets are currently transiting in the Zodiac to discover what messages they have to guide humanity. As above, so below!

Aaron Eschenburg

Aaron Eschenburg is a shamanic, evolutionary astrologer and intuitive.  Listening to the planets and their subtle vibrations to hear the messages they are transmitting here on earth in order to help guide and assist humanity to lead a healthy, balanced, and empowered life.

Why are all the yogis doing mushrooms?

-how mushrooms can improve your yoga practice-how mushrooms help heal trauma
-how mushrooms improve your connection to the divine

Amanda Elise

Amanda Elise is a certified plant medicine practitioner, retreat host, certified reiki healer, and multi-passionate spiritual entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people heal from generational trauma. She is the creator of the guided “Write it Into Existence” manifestation journal which helps women manifest goals through changing their self image and subconscious mind. She also hosts online manifestation courses for women ready to manifest a life they love.

Lisa Hillary Johnson

Lisa Hillary Johnson suffered from Mental Health issues (anxiety, panic attacks & depression) since childhood with no success in healing. Her heart lead her to plant medicine & she sought out a Plant Based Healing Holistic Lifestyle. It saved her LIFE & allowed her to raise her children with a stable mind & out of Corporate America. In 2000 she enrolled in Irene’s School of Myomassology & graduated in 2001. From 2003 to 2008 Ms. Johnson & her business partner opened a spa called Euphoria Pampering Lounge (Southfield, MI).

Lisa has been practicing yoga for 20 years & teaching yoga for over  11 years.  She completed two Yoga Teacher Trainings with LifePower Yoga (teachers: Jonny Kest & Jane James).

She currently is a faculty teacher at
Irene’s School of Myomassology (Southfield, MI) teaching hands on massage & an array of electives. Lisa is also Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), & teaches weekly classes & also leads Yoga Teacher Trainings. In 2021 she created & developed her own natural body care product line. All products are made for healing the entire mind & body.

Stay Connected
Instagram:  @LisaHillaryJ
Text ME:  313.610.6073

FOOD IS MEDICINE! Mushroom talk and journey

We will be “journeying” with my mushroom coffee alternative. Allowing everyone to become aware of what medicinal mushrooms do to the body, becoming body intuitive. Following, there will be an informational and interactive talk about how food is medicine, and how mushrooms can support mental health and all internal systems. Free swag will be given!

Andrea Tinsman

I have been a mushroom practitioner for two years. Mushrooms have changed my life so much to the point where I quite my architecture career to devote my life to mycology and creating products that promote mental and psychical health.
I hope to spread the knowledge and help anyone I can on their healing journey.  

Tony Calle
Tony Calle is sound healer and teacher of hatha yoga.  You can often find him sharing cacao & music in his community. He is most most passionate about open hearts leading to acceptance, self love, and living truthfully in our abundant nature. 


Pussy Power: Goddess Activation Portal III

Calling all self-defining goddesses and femmes!

Join Beth James, Adina Marie Bishop, Alice Lucas and Soojin Kim as we reclaim our sacred feminine essence in the divine company of our fellow sisters. The juiciness of this offering was beckoning to be shared in the woods and we can’t wait to dive deep with you.

Together we will adorn each other, share in powerful partner work, receive Reiki healing, hold space for a potent sharing circle, connect to our bodies, hearts and spirits by acknowledging the power and magic that resides in our sacred feminine energy. When sisters come together to honor the divine in each other, pussy power can create and manifest anything!

Beth James, Adina Marie, Alice Lucas, Soojin Kim

Alice Lucas is a creative and compassionate yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner. Alice is a lover of inversions, sunsets, and wildflowers, and is passionate about helping people tap into the light of growth and healing that exists within.

Beth James is a yoga teacher, mom, creator of Barefoot & Free, retreat & event curator. She prefers being unkempt in nature, making food & soaking up life’s sweet nectars with her loved ones.

Adina Marie Rose is an energy healer, Usui Reiki teacher, past life regression therapist, creator, lover + muse.

Soojin Kim is a yoga and mediation teacher, a healer who is inspired to weave many different types of movement modalities to help you unleash your inner playful and wild spirit to connect to your most authentic spirit and love of living.

Setting Healthy Boundaries

~Do you trust too easily and allow people into your life without qualification only to find you are in a one-sided relationship? Or maybe you’ve been taken advantage of?  Abused, hurt, neglected, or let down yet again?

~Is the constant connection (internet, smartphones, social media…) to work, family/friends, and the feeling that you have to be tuned in and on duty 24/7 wearing you down?

~Do you say YES to things you really don’t want to do? Or feel like you need to offer excuses and reasons when you do refuse an invitation or a request?

If any of the above scenarios are familiar to you, join us for a brief grounding meditation followed by a discussion on how to become discerning, establish emotional ground rules, and create firm boundaries for interaction with others.

The first 50 people in attendance will receive “Setting Boundaries”, a Phoenix & the Mystic Healing Essence. These homeopathic tinctures support emotional healing & well-being. The Setting Boundaries Healing Essence will help you to make lasting changes so you can establish healthy boundaries in all aspects of your life.

Carol Rusch

A lifetime of stressful jobs; sitting in front of a screen too many hours a week; unhealthy relationships; money struggles; terrible eating habits – all led to a multitude of mysterious health issues. None seemed related, some were debilitating, and most have never been diagnosed much less treated or healed. And that led to more stress… It was a vicious cycle and a pattern that I needed desperately to break.

So, I went on a mission and started conducting my own research. I worked with a number of medical professionals and health science experts as well as non-traditional fields such as holistic/homeopath physicians, Reiki/Energy healers, specialty massage therapists, physic mediums… you name it, I tried most of it.

For more than a decade, I’ve been educating myself, making big and small changes in my life, and slowly I’ve started to heal – from the inside out. I’m a work in progress but I see a light at the end of the tunnel and as a healer that inspired me to help others who battle stressful lifestyles and mysterious health issues.

Phoenix & the Mystic is taking flight by offering a collective group of diverse healers that are coming together under one “roof” in an effort to share a balanced approach to wellness. Together we will offer products and services to heal the mind, body & soul with a holistic and nature-inspired approach to intentional living.

Navigating Being An Empath

What is an Empath? You are!
Did you know there are many types of empaths? Do you want to know how being an empath relates to Ascension? Are you curious what the strengths and weaknesses of being an empath are and how you can you turn those weaknesses into strengths?  We’ll discuss it all including types of empaths, the strengths, the weaknesses, the gifts, what it means to manage yourself and your energy as an empath, how being an empath can affect your health and how to heal common health problems that empaths face.

Donna Lakes

Donna Lakes is a gifted and well-respected spiritual life coach and teacher who specializes in ascension with an emphasis on new age philosophy. As the owner of Ascension Healing Arts Center and Ascension School of Healing Arts (in development), her goal is to guide people into self-love and empowerment, and firmly believes “You cannot be in your power without cultivating self-love”. With self-love we create self-esteem and confidence. We fully accept ourselves when we face our shadow: those parts of ourselves we don’t like and our defense mechanisms and/or toxic behaviors. Donna has been working with empaths for over 20 years with a specialization in Inner Child Healing and Ascension Healing. Her Ascension Healer Program is becoming increasingly popular for healing oneself and learning to guide others in their healing journeys as well.
Donna teaches healing on all levels: emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical.
At Ascension Healing Arts Center, we teach a new way of being to elevate the consciousness of the world.

Her workshops include but are not limited to:
• Self-Healing which is made up of several classes:
o Coming home to yourself
o Forgiveness
o Stepping into your power
o How to process triggers
o Applying and creating healthy boundaries
o Conscious creating
• Inner Child
• Ascension
• Navigating Shadow work
• Grounding and Energy Management
• Energetic Anatomy
• Group Healings
• Reiki
• Intuitive Development
And more.

Healing Circle Workshop

Divine Feminine Flow workshop for one hour and half.
A Healing Circle Collective
Heal and Connect using the ease and flow of breath like the ocean
the healing harp like winds of earth
our voices together like an angel choir
our bodies moving like angels.
Our minds and hearts together in breath, song, and dance, calling in angelic awareness, lightness of being, joy, light, and groundedness.

Doris Williams

Dorisangel Williams started piano lessons at 5 and voice lessons at 14. While still a teenager Doris fell in love with early music. Doris continued learning to play the piano until college. She graduated from Oakland University in Michigan with a B.M. in Early Music, then went on to Stanford to get her M.A. degree in Vocal Early Music.

Doris performs with an 8-course Renaissance lute, and healing harp crafted by David Field, who was favored by Joni Mitchell and others for his excellent instruments.

Her Journey now takes on a different path, helping people realize how much Breath, Singing Together, and Flow of Movement can heal and keep you healthy, and how her angelically channeled harp music can heal. She has developed her Divine Flow Immersion program for people with anxiety, insomnia, overwhelm, stress, or just people needing a reprieve from the over-analysis, brainy world. To get back into the comfort of Mother Earth spirits for grounding, being aware of your body, and really KNOWING your body to begin healing it.
When you sing you are using what god granted and designed for you to express yourself and have healthy thriving body, mind, spirit. Singing with good breath and resonance puts you back into a safe, peaceful, grounded place. Singing one message, one thought in a circle of healing people with love and high frequency sounds.

Doris’ singing melts hearts, revives souls. She brings out joy, hope, love, peace and wonder with her healing voice, harp and breath.

Conquering One’s Imagined Disabilities

Our limitations and disabilities are largely imaginary and falsely perceived. Every disability is imagined. Every achievement is an experience. This kriya develops our own human courage to overcome our imagined disabilities and help break through self-imposed limitations in order to move beyond what we believe to be achievable.

Jeffrey Elarde

Combining his passions for kundalini yoga, permaculture and holistic therapies, Jeffrey believes individual transformation is the catalyst for Universal salvation.

Jeffrey’s dynamic, broad and deep skill set provides a foundation for personal growth, collaboratively creating the possibility to live our most purposeful passions alive through compassionate curiosity, self-awareness and empowered responsibility.

Body Neutrality and Autonomy Discussion

In this guided group discussion you will expect a safe and sacred space to share your hearts calling on themes of body neutrality, body autonomy, past trauma regarding body image and anything else that comes up as a group.

Jessica Starshine

My name is Jessica Starshine. I am a yoga instructor, henna artist, mom and person living in long term recovery. I love to share my most authentic and real self to others to shed light on our most human frailties to help others feel less alone. Through yoga and recovery I have found a healing version of myself and I live to help others find that within themselves.

Energetic Nutrition

The art of using your energy field for healing tailored to YOU

Welcome to a holistic guide to healing, wellness, and vitality. Supported though nutrition, supplements, energy clearing, emotional release and a back-to-nature lifestyle. We will discuss the toxins that are in and around your household, stealth infections in your body, and the poison on your plate. All of these have detrimental effects on your health and energy field around you. The best way to start your journey to wellness is knowing what is causing dis-ease in the body! We will do live demos of the Morphogenic Field Technique which is a modified form of muscle testing using cell energy kits, each designed to assist in finding what the body needs to heal. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself, so let’s make that the most beautiful relationship you have.

Kailey Coffey

My name is Kailey, I am a Registered Nurse, 200 hr Registered Yoga Instructor and Energy worker. After leaving western medicine, my studies now hold foundations in Energy Medicine, Yoga and Breathwork, and the art of being a nurturing mother. The essence of my work is to facilitate self-healing by helping you identify your underlying mind, body and spirit challenges, so that you can overcome them with confidence and nutritional support. I have realized that I have a passion for giving people the resources they need to help heal themselves. My values are deeply rooted in the fact that our bodies are built for health and vitality. Transformation and healing happens when we know we are empowered and capable in making long-lasting changes in our lives, and that the responsibility of our well-being is in our hands.

Mushroom Magic 101

Learn how mushrooms can save the planet, heal our bodies, and liberate our spirits. We will cover medicinal mushrooms as well as dive into current research regarding psilocybin and it’s breakthrough potential for treating mental health.

Kelsey Taylor

Kelsey has a master’s degree in public health where she studied using psychedelics as a treatment for addiction, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. She is also a licensed massage therapist, certified personal trainer, and an experienced yoga teacher.

Functional Nutritional Therapy

Holistic Nutrition and Nutrition Response Testing. How to support what your body needs by making small shifts for big impacts. We’ll focus on digestion, regulating blood sugar to support energy, stress and sleep.

See how muscle testing works and get a free heart rate variability analysis!

Lauren Camilleri

Lauren is a graduate of the Nutritional Therapy Association. For Lauren, Nutritional Therapy is a peace offering to your body. To you, from you. Her intentions are fully wrapped in the reconnection to the body. To support what once was by removing the stagnant layers we have collected throughout our lifetimes. Her offerings include group programs, workshops, 1:1 consulting with Nutrition Response Testing and supplemental support.

Cultivating Conscious Community

This discussion pertains to current teachers, teachers-in-training, those who may want to teach in the future, and/or anyone who desires to connect with more like-minded people in the yoga, healing, and wellness world. A peek behind the curtains will be offered to learn more about how to consciously co-create a community that feels good to be a part of, and looks good on paper. Case studies will explore which models work (and which ones don’t) when it comes to building relationships that are inclusive and garner spiritual growth.

Luke Sasek

Luke has been a student of asana and meditative practices for 9 years. His dedication to daily practice and commitment to deepening his learning is fueled by an intense curiosity around the myriad ways in which breath, the somatic body, and consciousness all interplay with one another. He teaches from a rich depth of personal experience on the mat and is extensively studying with Todd Tesen and Chris Briney.

Intro to Becoming Your Authentic Self

In this workshop, you will learn to listen to and be honest with your higher self. Learn how to tame that monkey mind, honor yourself, speak your truth, and align your mind, body, & spirit for a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

Margaret will guide you through a meditation to connect with the three inner children of your mind. Use your own inner guidance to begin the transformation on how to become your authentic self by honoring the wants and needs of your mind, body & spirit.

You’ll take away this game-changing experience along with several other tools to step onto the path of becoming your authentic self.

Margaret Loveland

Phoenix & the Mystic team member, Margaret is a certified Health & Wellness Coach as well as a Spiritual/Energy Practitioner & Reiki Master. She is passionate about her craft and helping others with their healing journey so they can live a fulfilling and rewarding life. Margaret offers a wide array of healing services, workshops, and training programs including Empowerment Coaching, Reiki, Hypnosis, EFT, Energy Medicine, Qabala, Past Life Regression, Tarot & Intuitive Readings, Chakra & Auric Cleansings. Margaret is also an RY500 Yogi offering a variety of Yoga and Meditation classes.

Abracadabra Poetry!

We take things from our Lives that mean many different things to us & We Dig for Deep Truths to Create Poems that Represent Puzzle Pieces of OurSelves! After We share, We’ll all walk away with a Deeper Knowing of what it means to Be Alive!

Mitchel Doherty

I’m a Wilderness Wild Man that Loves Dancing, Traveling, Writing & Authentic Connection with Undefinable Open Minded Ever Changing People that Play with Life!
I’m A Community Builder with Freedom in My Bones & Know How in My Hands!

Free the toxins

We are surrounded by toxins in our environment, our food, and our homes. Everyday products are disrupting your body’s homeostasis and its ability to fight off infections. Learn how to identity these toxins to keep your body working at its highest potential.

Kailey Coffey

Energitic Nutritionist

My name is Kailey, I am a Registered Nurse, 200 hr Registered Yoga Instructor and Energy worker. My studies hold foundations in Energy Medicine, Yoga and Breathwork, and the art of being a nurturing mother.

The essence of my work is to facilitate self-healing by helping you identify your underlying mind, body and spirit challenges, so that you can overcome them with confidence and nutritional support.

I started out in traditional medicine, working at Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor in the Pediatric Cardiothoracic ICU. I then decided to pursue more holistic and root cause healing while working at Center for Holistic Medicine. During my journey I have realized that I have a passion for giving people the resources they need to help heal themselves. My values are deeply rooted in the fact that our bodies are built for health and vitality. Learning to connect with the energetic and spiritual systems that we have within us and around us, is key to the vitality of life. Transformation and healing happens when we know we are empowered and capable in making long-lasting changes in our lives, and that the responsibility of our well-being is in our hands.

Rachel True



Astrology 101

Learn the ancient science of astrology. Reveal the patterns of the stars and the interconnection they have to the patterns within your own life! You’ll have an opportunity to deepen your understanding of all the signs, planets, houses and how they impact not only your life but the collective experience as well! As above, so below, the entire universe dwells within you!

Samantha Mee

Samantha is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Intuitive Astrologer and Spiritual Counselor. She merges all of these practices together; for Ayurveda & Yoga are inseparable; giving students multiple modalities for reaching a higher state of health & well-being! Her work over the last decade focuses on creating and maintaining balance on all layers of the body, while also aligning to the natural cycles and patterns within nature. Her approach to health and wellness is built upon this desire to deeply empower all of her students into becoming authentic, sovereign beings who are able to advocate for their own health and well-being.

Psychedelic Medicine with Floresta

Informative space sharing about the lasting transformation with ketamine therapy and the retreat. Ketamine therapy is a safe, science-backed psychedelic medicine with clinically driven outcomes for a profound reset and renewal. People will have an opportunity to learn about psychedelic medicine from clinical experts and ask questions to learn more about this upcoming field in mental health and wellness.

Shannon Starr

Shannon Starr is a Board Certified Holistic Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with a whole new take on psychiatry. She applies her background in meditation, shamanism, indigenous medicine, functional medicine, yoga and energy medicine to create game changing possibilities in mental health. She is Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Practitioner and has been facilitating clients with ketamine treatments and psychedelic integration for several years creating profound transformation for thousands of clients.

Breath and Awareness Techniques to Regulate the Nervous System

Your nervous system is your body’s exquisite command center. The way you experience life is inextricably entwined with the state of your nervous system. In this workshop we will playfully explore specific breath and awareness practices that directly support the wellbeing of your nervous system. We will discuss simple ways to immediately apply these techniques into everyday life, adding to your tool kit of self care. Attendees will leave this workshop feeling informed, rested, and rejuvenated.

The Basics of Energetic Hygiene

When we pause our external focus and turn our perceptive faculties inward we find that at every moment we are vibrating a dynamic expression of thoughts, belief systems, attitudes and emotions. We find that although these vibrations are IN us they are NOT always aligned with who we are. Many of the thoughts we have stuck on repeat are inherited from our lineage and absorbed from our surroundings. Whether conscious of them or not, these vibrations determine our experience of living.

In this workshop we will learn simple tools to clear our energy field so we can vibrate more of who we really are.

The workshop will be comprised of presentation and guided meditations on the following

-The Basics of Energetic anatomy
-Presentation of a framework that allows us to distinguish what is ours verses someone else’s
-How to invite in deep vibrational support from the Earth and Cosmos
-How to clear energies that aren’t yours from your field
-How to recall your energy back from different times, places, people
-How to to allow your unique vibration to ring, unobstructed through your being

Attendees will leave feeling refreshed, enlivened, more themselves, and more connected to the bounty of subtle energetic resources available for collaboration.

Vanessa Cronan

Vanessa Cronan has been a student of the esoteric arts for the past 2 decades. For the last four years she has been a practitioner of Transformative Energy Work™ and is in a long term apprenticeship with Kenneth Jover.

As a born empath Vanessa has dedicated her life to navigating the complexities of being a highly sensitive person in the modern world. Through trial and many errors Vanessa has cultivated techniques that bring lucidity to the more subtle realms. She shares these techniques in weekly classes, workshops, and in one on one client sessions.