SUP~Stand Up Paddleboarding Classes

We are so excited to have so many incredible instructors leading us in stand-up paddleboard classes this summer. Check out all of the wonderfol offerings below and get your tickets today!

Sunrise Paddle & Play

In this class, you will learn techniques to help you paddle more efficiently. We will play with turns and have a chance to practice some poses in between paddling.

SUP, Sunshine & Yin SUP Yoga

This class will help slow things down. Like yoga, paddling requires you to be present to the moment through a soft gaze at the horizon and the breath. We will move through a series of poses that will help you feel more confident on your paddleboard and give you a nice stretch.

SUP Yoga Play

This class will make you feel like a kid again. Come with a beginner’s mind as we build on poses to work balance and inversion poses. All levels encouraged and modifications will be provided.

Courtney Welch

Courtney believes that in order to move your mind, you need to move your body. A certified yoga teacher, Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Courtney is a certified Paddlefit Level 2 instructor and has been teaching Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) classes since 2015. Courtney has completed the 31-mile paddleboard race Chattajack twice. She also founded Inspired By Movement and loves to combine yoga with coaching and paddle boarding to help slow people down enough to encourage them to move from their head to their heart.

She can be found on Instagram: @inspiredbymovement.

SUP Yoga

Luke’s SUP yoga lessons on the water are playful and fun. They are an invitation to deepen the profundity of our internal experience while placing ourselves in right relationship with the natural world and community around us.

Luke Sasek

Luke has been a student of asana and meditative practices for 9 years. His dedication to daily practice and commitment to deepening his learning is fueled by an intense curiosity around the myriad ways in which breath, the somatic body, and consciousness all interplay with one another. He teaches from a rich depth of personal experience on the mat and is extensively studying with Todd Tesen and Chris Briney.


Join us as we flow on our boards and learn what it really means to “salute the sun”. Take your practice to a different level as we learn more about our bodies, mind, and spirit by connecting more deeply to all the beauty that will be above, below, and around us. You’ll feel your body change and your practice improve as we significantly play with our balance on the boards. There is nothing more magical than being on the water while we float & flow with intention. Can’t wait to see you out there!

Michelle Klingler

An eternal optimist always ready to cheer you on. Sharing and guiding the experience of yoga for over a decade, my passion is offering mindful movement experiences. My mission – inspire you to travel out of your comfort zone by connecting the power of breath, movement, and the world around you – to  emPOWER YOU! Whether we’re on mat or board, I’ll guide you through each and every moment with intention, energy and a smile. So what are you waiting for?! Let’s flow!