Sensory Discovery Retreat

February 2nd-5th

Join Beth James & Soojin for a retreat in a CASTLE!!!

That’s right, 3 nights at this unbelievable castle in Ohio! Just 3 hours from Detroit.

This is a retreat unlike any other we have done before.

This is for those calling in more play & less rules! Let Soojin and Beth take you on a journey to discover your inner child, let your weirdness out, and of course practice yoga, eat fantastic food & be with great company.

 Our castle experience includes:

All meals prepared by a vegetarian chef!


Dinner & Welcome Ceremony

Pool, Sauna, Hot-tub Time


Morning Yoga, Sensory Experience Exercises & Breakfast

Pool, Gym, Hiking, Massage Option/Free Time

Lunch & Partner Connection Practices

Afternoon Breath-work, Hot/Cold Therapy

Evening Themed Dinner, Cacao Dance Party & Late Night Movie


Morning Yoga, Hot/Cold Therapy & Breakfast

Afternoon Free Time ~ enjoy the grounds, optional massage!

HIIT Workout Pre-Dinner

Evening Themed Dinner & Human Connection followed by Treasure Hunt & another Dance Party!


Closing Circle & Breakfast

$750 all-includive (optional massage booking available Thursday & Frideay)

Non-refundable $350 deposit. The remaining balance due by January 31st.

Sanctuary of Senses: A Retreat to Unleash & Rewild Your Soul, Relationship to Pleasure, Play and Embodiment

We live in a world where we can easily become desensitized from our feelings, our senses and our bodies. This weekend retreat is curated to help you reclaim a deep rooted connection with your emotional, sensory and bliss bodies.

By establishing an integrated and accepting relationship, then only can we connect to our most authentic spirit and fell free to express who we are. The body, heart and soul are holy sacred temples for us to dwell and play in. 

We are inspired to hold a safe space and container for you to open the flood gates of begin alive with your life-force energy and your wild spirit free of the judgmental mind.

The intention is to inspire each other again and again-that it doesn’t matter what we look like and to place more emphasis on how we FEEEL from the inside out. Your inner child is invited to come out and play, laugh, scream, dance, shake, pulse, and re-wild. We are burning the filters, energetic masks and facades we hide behind because we are too afraid to show who we really are. 

Join us for a weekend of yoga, movement, somatics, reflection, untangling, decadent and nourishing food, adornment and freedom.