Are you ready to unleash your inner magic?

We recently interview Shiva Honey of The Pentacle Path who specializes in Tarot, Ritual and Candle Making. Shiva has spent years studying mysticism and ritual traditions and has traveled the world learning about different practices. Shiva will join us for two sessions at this years Barefoot & Free Yoga Festival, Friday, August 17 from 8:00-9:30pm – Unleash Your Inner Magic: Intro to Sex Magic and Sunday, August 19 fro 3:00-4:30pm- Unleash your Inner Magic- Intro To Tarot.

BF&F: Tell us how you got started on this path?

Shiva: Ever since I was a child, I’ve had desire to help people work through challenges, cultivate self-love, and realize their dreams.  As I got older, I realized I had a talent for it. I’ve spent years studying mysticism and ritual traditions and have traveled the world learning about different practices. Over the years, I created my own candles, tools, and rituals to aid my loved ones and I in healing, transformation, and manifestation. I created The Pentacle Path so I could share my creations with the public and help people realize the magic within.

BF&F: Did you study from a mentor or a school?

Shiva: I’ve studied with various teachers throughout the world in many different ​disciplines and read a lot, so my personal practices and theories are really an amalgamation of what I’ve picked up throughout my life. I’m currently working on deepening my practice with ving tsun kung fu, so that’s having a huge influence on my emotional and physical development as of late. My great, great grandmother used to read tea leaves and the women in my family had a lot of wisdom they passed down the years, so I’ve also been trying to reconnect with those family traditions

BF&F:  What has been the best part in teaching for you?

Shiva: I like helping people to realize the magic they have within. I think we tend to lose touch and disbelieve our own power to create and build as we get older. I like to restore that trust within people and help them to feel capable and excited and awake. I like to help them open up to their own power and bring wonder and excitement to their world.

BF&F: What can we expect in the sex magic workshop?

Shiva: Lots of excitement! I’ll be discussing the various traditions of sex magic and talking about ways people can get in touch with their own sense of sensuality and power

BF&F: I’m shy about this subject – should I Come?

Shiva: Yes, definitely! My intention is to make this a safe space to learn. I’m hoping you’ll find it fun, funny, weird, inspirational and intriguing!

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