The Barefoot & Free Yoga Festival is about more than just yoga. That’s why this week we sat down with Certified Master/ Teacher practitioner of Medical Reiki, Seichim Master and Mindfulness Instructor Shannon Kennedy of Mother Firefly’s Healing to learn more about her meditation and healing techniques. Shannon will join us at this years Barefoot & Free Yoga Festival on Saturday, August 18 from 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. for Meditation with Mother Firefly.

BF&F: Tell us how’d you start leading meditations?

SK: After having a personal, active participation in meditation for nearly 20 years, I decided it was time for me to be certified. Here in Michigan, you do not need to be a certified meditation instructor to teach meditation. I had spent the past seven-plus years studying very diligently to become a Master Certified Healer in Reiki Seichim/Sekhem and a Master Medical Reiki Practitioner, which now allows me to be in surgical rooms.

When working with my clients, I would often hear them mention they just could not meditate. They were struggling, and I knew I could help address these very small obstacles and issues they were having. I also knew I had to become certified, because I had the very same disappointments when I started my practice of meditation.

I was a very high-active, high-energy person in my twenties – weren’t we all! I also had a very active mind. At the time, I didn’t call it anxiety, but now as an adult, I absolutely know it was anxiety. The thoughts of wanting to help encourage others to improve and expand their own lives was my motivation to become a Certified Mindfulness Instructor.

BF&F: Where did you learn your technique from?

SK: The Composting Technique, that I will be sharing here at BF&F, is a combination of my inner workings and many guides. One day after a meditation, I had the urge to journal. I wrote pages and pages of meditations, healing guidance, and breathwork techniques. I know doing this after meditation is not new, and many, many teachers of “going inward” practices said the same things about journaling. It is a way of acknowledging our higher self, our guides do communicate with us.

These techniques were all a very familiar feeling but slightly different than the many teachings I had, and it incorporates many altogether, creating this magnificent, potent gift from the great Mother Gaia and the Universal Energies of Love and Light.

BF&F: Tell us what interested you in working as a healer?

SK: Oh, what interested me in working as a healer? Well, it has changed through the 20-plus years. When I was six years old, an angelic being showed herself to me in a moment of trauma. I began to understand her protection of me, and how I, too, will become a protector and guide of the living “light” energies. As I became older, I felt it was more of a puzzle to me. I could feel great compassion and empathy, and I had this inner knowing of when others where dishonest. It confused me very much. I just couldn’t understand where all this was coming from. As I ripened in age and knowledge, I was able to label things better for myself (that is what our minds are trained to do from birth, “label things”). I started to comprehend by stepping out of the box from my upbringing, traditions, doctrine, and society. I found great understanding in Sanskrit. This ancient language spoke to me and fit many, many pieces of the “ME” puzzle together. I then started to realize I was a healer, I was a hands-on healer, and at that moment, that piece came

together for me. I knew my purpose: I was to be of service to humanity and to help raise the vibrational frequency of humanity.

It did, however, take me 15 or more years before I decided to become a Certified Master Practitioner.

BF&F: What benefits have you seen in yourself and others?

SK: The benefits of energy work and meditation are monumental! The “inner journey” is absolutely different for each and every one of us, and it is up to us to make the changes in our lives that we truly need in order to heal. The benefits of something so potentially powerful are in the hands of the client/explorer. However, I as a practitioner have experienced miracles. Yes, I said it – miracles! In a Google search, you will find hundreds, literally hundreds of benefits from meditation and traditional Reiki body work, such as: relief from stress and anxiety, lowered blood pressure, improved sleep, removal of physical and emotional pain, less mind chatter, more focused ability and mind discipline, a feeling of inner connectedness, realization we are one, realization of cause and effect, and diseases and sickness disappear. These are just a few benefits, and I have seen many people who have had every single one of these benefits and more.

BF&F: What advice would you give to yourself 20 years ago?

SK: Oh boy! Lol! I would say, “Hang in there, kid! Money is not everything. You do not have to prove yourself to anyone. You are good and good enough. Life can be very scary, but it is all sacred. Love more, fear less.”

BF&F: Tell us what you do for fun?

SK: I absolutely love to be silly, goofy, and laugh. I enjoy laughing so hard my cheeks hurt! Joy is in the perception of doing, even when doing nothing or a task is not necessarily fun.

BF&F: Tell us what to expect at your workshop at Barefoot?

Well, during the entire workshop as an attendee, you may feel tingles, chills and the Universal Energies of Love and Light. I call in the Great Universe (golden energy), the Great Mother Earth (Gaia/crystalline white light), and All Ascended Masters to be with us and comfort us, as we work on ourselves and our inner journey to help heal us.

The beginning of this workshop is a gentle, full-body movement to release and let go. It is the feeling of surrendering, giving in, and removing old, stuck energies that no longer suit us. We will “compost” our secrets, our shames, our poor choices, our traumas, our pains, our sickness, our victimizations, or our inner victims. We all have them, and they can be very deeply trapped.

These low vibrational things cause negative changes to our etheric bodies, energetic bodies, and physical body. When we do not know how to forgive, let go, and move this energy out of our aura and out of our body, it affects us greatly and hinders us from full potential. We need to take action, sometimes at a physical level, to release the cellular memories from our past traumas.

We need to rid the baggage and shake it all out. This action is creating room in our aura, our energetic bodies, and the physical body for all the goodness we deserve in our life.

After the “compost”, we will relax into Mother Earth and allow ourselves to be filled with all the goodness the Universe, Gaia, Ascended Master, and our higher selves have to offer us. We are letting the guides show us our true potential and allow us wake up to our possibilities. The tools you will learn are something you can take home with you to continue your inward journey wherever you are. We are all beautiful people in this together, and together we can co-create a beautiful world!

BF&F: What guide/teacher/healer currently inspires you and why?

SK: Wow! I have had so many throughout the years! I am a big advocate in sharing the teachings of my teachers to not only pay honor to them and the amazing work they share, but to help others grow and vibrate at a higher frequency.

If I had to pick one, for right now in my current journey, I find myself absorbing Micheila Sheldan from The Flower of Life Center. She frequently speaks about the neutrality of life. Micheila is a channeler, and much, much more. You can easily find her in a Google search, but I enjoy her clips on YouTube. The personal growth I received from her work is immense. I have always focused on the positive as a way of life, but finding the neutral in all things helps me move through tough situations from a bird’s-eye view and eliminates the emotional response. I find this extremely easy to do with community and tribe members. The challenge for me is with my loved ones, the ones closest to me. This is usually the case. I am very emotionally tied to them, as they are to me. To have the capabilities to unplug and be neutral in an intense emotional situation is truly a gift to anyone involved. I find this to be quiet a beautiful thing.

You can learn more about Shannon Kennedy and Mother Firefly’s healing by visiting