Meet Ashley Oshinsky, one of our teachers at Barefoot & Free. Ashley is also a Realtor & Owner of Higher Living Real Estate LLC, one of our sponsors for the festival. Ashley talks about her approach to Real Estate, how yoga has shaped her business and how she finds balance from life and work.

What is Higher Living Real Estate & why is it unique?

Higher Living Real Estate is a grounded, mindful & authentic approach to real estate. Throughout my career in real estate I found a lot of people running around without any real direction or clarity as to what they really want. I also found a lot of other industry professionals not being honest and doing things out of integrity to make a sale. My mission is to change all of this. I create an open and honest relationship with my clients; we figure out what they really want out of their life & living situation and take action steps to get there.

I wanted to also bring my passion of practicing and teaching yoga to my business, this is where mindfulness came to play!

I am the owner of Higher Living Real Estate and am working to get my brokers license. My broker is my step-dad who has over 45 years in the real estate & mortgage industry. I also have a group of close friends and family in various facets of the industry at my disposal to give my clients real & trusted advice. We are a family owned business and plan to always keep it this way.

My vision for Higher Living is to empower people to get where they want to go in life by accomplishing one of their greatest goals of home ownership.

How has yoga influenced your business?

Well, yoga was my inspiration for it! When I practice yoga I always am at a place where I find some sort of honesty, clarity and growth. We all deserve this! I am here just like I am when I teach class to lead people to their edge in a loving, upbeat & supportive way!

Yoga & Real Estate have a lot of parallels if you think about it. For example, in yoga we make sure we are moving towards an edge a place that is going to get us stronger and more connected;it is uncomfortable, but we know it is good for us so we keep breathing through it. In real estate it can be quite similar to being in your physical edge when house hunting- it happens we get our sights set on a house and our offer does not get accepted. We might feel like quitting, we might let our emotions the best of us and that is when I step in to remind you to keep breathing, all the discomfort will be worth it when we get to where we ultimately want to go which is a new home!

What is your favorite part of the real estate business?

My favorite part of the real estate business is getting to know my clients. We spend a lot of time together and I get to know bits about your life, your struggles and triumphs. I love this part! Secondly, I love when we hit that goal of selling a home for you or closing on your new home. It takes a lot of work to get to the closing table & the smiles and gratitude make my day!

I love working with first time buyers because I can really relate to all that leads up to that first purchase. It takes a lot of hard work to improve your credit, save money for a downpayment and move out of your busting at the seams apartment! Most of us first time buyers had set a goal to buy a home and helping you achieve that goal is freaking amazing!

How do you find balance?

This is actually something I am actively working on! I tend to work too hard with everything I do and then I find myself worn out and tired. I have implemented one day per week that is dedicated to self care. I love taking a long salt bath and listening to a podcast. I treat myself to a spa day every once in a while. I have found taking the time to slow down just for a few hours once a week helps me destress, stay more focused and have more energy.

What are your favorite non-yoga activities?

Lets see…I love to travel! My husband and I are going on a 3 week Europe trip this fall that I am super pumped for.

I love reading, but I end up listening to more audiobooks lately. I also am obsessed with listening to true crime podcasts. I also secretly love watching the Bachelor.

I love cooking, lifting weights, working out, spending time with family & friends, camping and fashion!

Higher Living Real Estate is a authentic & mindful approach to Real Estate.

Broker: James Real Estate Agency