Martier Sound Meditation

A Sound Journey experience with Dan and Laura is unlike any other of its kind. Together, they bring 35 years of musical collaboration and a deep love for one another to each symphonic immersion; using voice, hang drum, gongs, crystal bowls and a vast array of sound making instruments with deft precision, professionalism and beauty.

Each Sound Journey is played entirely on natural instruments using no electronics or recordings.

Laura’s voice has been described as “angelic” and “otherworldly” and her improvisations and beautiful melodies melt into the singing bowls and join with Dans sensitive singing and Hang Drum playing.

Laura  studied with Gong Master Don Conreaux, Shanti Sounds Costa Rica, Jai Uttal and many others over her 35 year career. Laura is also a Jazz recording artist on vsojazz Records, and a principle singer with the Virginia Symphony Jazz Orchestra. In 2107 Laura, an ERYT200,  founded The Well Yoga Co-op on The Outer Banks of North Carolina, a Cooperative space dedicated to collaborative community.

Dan Martier is a drummer, percussionist, vocalist, composer and teacher based out of coastal Carolina who is sought after for his adept handling of a wide range of musical styles and instruments.  For almost a decade Martier has been touring extensively with Tim Reynolds and TR3 through the United States, Canada and Brazil.

Martier’s drumming is intuitive, improvisational and with a masterful sensitivity toward his collaborators. Martier also plays a Meinl Sonic Energy Hand Pan, hand drums, Paiste gongs and a variety of other sound making instruments that inspire a heart opening transcendent experience.

Dan has also studied with Don Conreaux and Shanti Sounds Costa Rica.

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Music Offerings:

Sound Healing: A Deep Sonic Journey On a Wave Of Sound

As human beings, we are vibrating energy forms. Because our bodies consist of 70% water they are excellent conductors for sound. When bathed in sound different areas of the body respond as the sound travels through the body to the cellular level. Using the highest quality gongs, crystal and Tibetan bowls, voice and other instruments, Sound Healers and Gong Masters, Dan and Laura Martier, will take you on a sound journey that will relax and de-stress you and bring your whole being back into a state of harmony on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This is a deep sonic meditation experience that will leave participants feeling relaxed, refreshed, invigorated and ready to face the world anew.

Strength and Grace For Tough Times

You have probably heard at one time or another that we are never given more than we can handle. This is often expressed during challenging passages in life. In this session we will enter a sonic journey together first by grounding in our personal power and strength by invoking the Sanskrit Mantra Ram, (I am strength). From there we will journey together on a blanket of sound created by using gongs, handpan, crystal and Tibetan bowls, chimes, drums, voice and other sound healing instruments, allowing the frequencies to open the doors to inner awakening, using sacred sound as a bridge between the physical world and the unknown to bring our beings into a unified whole grounded in strength and grace.

 Harmony: My Life is in Perfect Harmony with the Universe

In this sonic journey we will use the Sanskrit Mantra, Om Varunam Namaha, meaning, my life is in perfect harmony with the universe, as a starting point into a journey of discovery. Through dissonance and delight we will surrender together to the sounds of gongs, handpan, crystal and Tibetan bowls, voice, spoken word and other instruments to enter a field of infinite possibilities. It is from here we can begin to imagine a  life where our dreams and visions become a reality using the power of sound to help us heal, harmonize and step into the light  of our true divine nature.