Headlining Acts

DJ Taz Rashid


Full Lineup

Callie “C.J.” Grady

Poet. Lyracist. Songwriter, singer & musician.

Callie grew up in a small town on the east coast, the granddaughter of farmers and humble folk with an incredible passion for song writing! From the time she was a little girl she has had a calling to music and the arts. Most recently incorporating her passion for yoga and life into her style of music. As a folk country musician she thrives on life’s lessons to inspire her in all of her songs like “Little Me”, “Warrior” and “Dark Side. 

DJ Rebecca Goldberg


Goldberg has several self-released music and mutimedia projects as well as multiple vinyl releases on Detroit Underground. She has just released her third vinyl EP on Andy Garcia’s Cryovac Recordings. Rebecca is currently based in Detroit and gigging worldwide.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

Greater Alexander


Alexander Vlachos (born August 18, 1980) is an independent singer songwriter. Born in New York, raised in Greece and is currently residing in Detroit, Michigan, Alexander started using the moniker Greater Alexander as a way of creatively expressing the greater part of himself through
the medium of a sonic musical landscape.

Website | Facebook | Instagram |YouTube

Sacred Space


Sacred Space is a husband and wife duo named Cory and Liana. They met through music back in 2009. Over time, their love for music blended with their spiritual journey and now they mostly play original medicine songs. The songs are channeled from powerful spiritual experiences and used for healing.

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Monarch is a 27 year old Michigan native. Her love of music and the experience it brings us is what inspired her to want to become a larger part of music by playing with its nuances and making her own music by mixing up prerecorded songs and sounds.

Jared Howell


Jared is a rhythm and lead guitar player. His influences stretch from steely Dan to musicians like Jimi Hendrix. Jared will be playing with a few of the members from Funksmenship to create there own unique sound.

Tamara Finlay


Tamara Finlay is a singer/songwriter and educator based out of Ferndale MI. Her songwriting and vocal styles are inspired largely by her Eastern European upbringing and opera singer parents. She performs in many local musical groups including folk trio Kubat, Finlay, and Rose and pop/surf/rock band Old Empire, and was a member of the folk/rock duo The Thornbills (TMR). Tamara currently teaches voice lessons and does studio vocal work.

Joe Phillips


Accomplished on both sides of the studio glass, Detroit-based musician and producer Joe Philips has been forging an uncanny bridge between a melodious pop and an urgent, edgy punk sound for over two decades. As frontman for Few and Far Between and Touch the Clouds, he has performed for audiences across the US, with a multitude of collaborators.

Mark James


Mark James’ sound draws from the well of folk, rock, r&b and world music, and uses elements from nature and fatherhood to inspire and uplift his audiences. He has spent the last thirteen years teaching yoga in this community and abroad, and believes yoga and music are vital bridges to peace, wellness and oneness!

Audra Kubat

Composer & Performer

Hauntingly raw and searing with emotion, Detroit Music Award winning singer/songwriter Audra Kubat is like no other. She has released 6 albums to critical acclaim in a career that spans over 20 years. A composer, performer, and educator, Kubat’s work has earned her a place in the community as a resource for empowerment through songwriting.

Zia Dayle


Zia is Aunt in Italian, and is what most littles who know Dayle refer to her as! In this family sing-along, Dayle will lead your children in some classic nursery rhymes, familiar hits and some lesser known songs that are sure to become new favorites! Expect some puppet friends to show up and to be moving, grooving and singing along with Zia Dayle yourself!



Normally a 6 piece band, Y-Not will break down and create a soulful acoustic experience, performing songs of empowerment and self love.



Funksmanship is an original 6 piece band with a fusion sound of funk, psych-jazz, and alternative music originating from the suburbs around Detroit.

Bob Mervak


Bob Mervak is a Detroit-based pianist, vocalist, songwriter, and studio writer who’s dynamic range spans everything from pop to jazz, rootsy indy original songs to Ben Folds-esque intelligent, introspective, and unapologetic compositions. He’s blessed and honored to have worked with musicians he considers to be some of the most important in the game, throughout Detroit and all over the goddamn place.