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Aaralyn Shiri


My name is Aaralyn Shiri, and I love to sing. My voice has been a friend to me my whole life, helping me express joy and comfort myself when I’m sad. I learned about mantra 8 years ago from my spiritual teacher, Liana Shanti. It helped me be present with myself and get in touch with my emotions when I was in the process of losing 140 pounds permanently and healing food addiction. Singing and creating mantra music has become a powerful healing tool in my life, and I am grateful to be using my voice in this way and providing a path for others to connect with their voice.

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Donna Lakes


Emily Infinity

Musician & Singer

Emily Infinity spins intricate webs of ethereal sounds from the angelic realm. Interpreting modern, alternative, and classic rock music with her chromaharp and voice, Emily will take you to a heavenly soundscape with the songs you love alongside her originals. Join her at 12:30 [or other set time] on Saturday at the [stage name] to relax, kick it, and be swept into musical bliss.  

Jared Howell


My name is Jared Howell. My music ranges from folk sounds to ambient meditative sounds. I use these sounds for healing and evoking feelings and passion out of the people around me. Promoting a message of unity and connection. Music pulled from the divine.

SEER Music


Matthew DeRubertis is SEER music – creating music for your next layer consciousness – a musical invitation to go within and explore your inner world, born out of deep inward experience.

Whether it be through music, conscious conversation, yoga instruction, or mindfulness offerings, Matthew’s work invites the receiver into their internal world of awe and wonder. We are all limitless, by nature of existing… yet our modern world and its stresses cause us to forget that. Matthew seeks to blend his worlds of music and mindfulness, creating experiences that open our sense of vastness within, and inspire others to connect from that place.  

Matthew is living a nomadic lifestyle based out of his cargo van as a recording artist, touring bass guitarist, yoga instructor, music teacher, and inspiring content creator. 


Sister Stone


Sister Stone offers her sexy, soulful, 90’s feel, vintage soul and hip-hop music to spread messages of reverence and praise for our Earth and honor our individual and collective healing, as a way to reconnect with ourselves as Nature.

Her music invokes a remembrance we are water, we are Earth – to inspire our reciprocal relationship with our world. Sister Stone is a gifted lyricist which is where all of her songs stem, as written prayers, solutions, and healing for our bodies and the body of the Earth. 




Sophia is a young Dj who has a love for house and techno music. Sophia believes in the power of music and dance and intends to help the world feel lighter through the magic of music. 

Vnesswolfchild and Saltbreaker


Vnesswolfchild (spazersize sensation) and Saltbreaker (multi instrumentalist phenomenon) come together to present PUPA, a time to rest into a nest of healing frequencies. Lush landscapes of sound will create a space for the body to open and soften while delicate yet powerful vocal melodies and guidance direct the mind to untangle. Transformation and refreshment abound.

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Aaron Brooks


My intention through the music I offer the world is that every being in attendance feel the love, joy and healing that I have experienced through finding my passion for singing , song writing and performing the music my heart is guided to share and to encourage all towards the sharing of the gifts they hold within, with the world as well.