Meditation & Sound Healing

We are so excited to have so many incredible instructors leading us in meditations and sound healing journeys at this year’s festival. Check out all of the incredible offerings below and get your tickets today!

Men’s Group

As men it is easy to get caught up in the story that we have to be big and tough without showing emotion or a sensitive side. Let’s break through that and gather to create a more caring, understanding and conscious way of living while still holding onto our sacred masculinity. We will be doing some clearing of old patterns , mindful movements, meditation and and having conscious conversation about things we hold near and dear to our hearts in the company of brothers.


Aaron Brooks

Through trials and tribulations life guided me to meditation, self awareness practices and self discipline. Since spending some years in my practices , life has now pushed me towards sharing these tools with men who are seeking more self love , joy , peace that rests within us all ! In showing up for myself and learning what that means more each moment  ,  I’ve found that I can show up for the people I love so much better.

Hape & Sananga Ceremony

(18+ to partake in plant medicines) Come and enjoy this “plantiful” experience with 2 different beautiful plant medicines! We will guide you through a journey of mind and body via sound and song to awaken our spirits to the brightest version of ourselves.


Warrior Breathwork

Breathwork like you’ve never had before.  We will be digging DEEP into ourselves and reaching with our intentions to make space for our infinite potential in this halotropic session of breathwork.  We guarantee once you hear the music and feel that vibe you won’t be able to hold back!!

Aaron Sudo & Aaron Eschenburg

Dos coyotes (Aaron & Aaron) two brothers for lifetimes, back at it again to share the medicine of the world in its many forms.  Sound, Song, Dance, Plants, and so much more, we couldn’t be happier to join the barefoot crew once again this year.

Past Life Regression

Join Adina in Past Life Regression as we go deep and explore the history of who we are via past lives and human connection practices. Adina will use hypnosis techniques to bring you into a deep, trance like state of meditation to access the subconscious mind and past life memories held there. We’ll tap into the realm of the unseen to discover unresolved patterns, soul family and soul contracts, origin stories of fears and phobias, lingering medical concerns, and symbolic insights. Through this practice we’ll also explore how to shift our current reality to embody and welcome in more of who we truly are.

Adina Marie Rose

Adina Marie Rose is an intuitive energy healer, an Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher, a past life regression therapist, a lover and muse. Her intention is to live the poetry of her soul and to embody art and creation in all that she does. Adina’s philosophy as a healer is to guide students to their own self-discovery so they can tap into the role of being their own greatest healers. 

“Mind-Body Connection” Meditative Breathwork Fusion

Immerse yourself in movement and stillness to create a deeply meditative state that allows you to move out of your busy mind and worry of life and become present in the moment.  

This session is designed to reduce physical pain, improve sleep quality, improve your somatic awareness, and change your relationship with stress and anxiety. You will learn how to control your nervous system and discover that you are the person who decides how you feel about what is happening around you. You’ll be guided through the Tummo meditative breathing popularized by the Wim Hof Method, Buteyko breathing, as well as a fusion of other breathing and yoga style practices that are deeply meditative and grow your mind-body connection. You’ll learn how to release the worry of the day and truly live in the moment.

This session will give you the tools you need to build confidence, change the way you respond to and recover from stress, and develop an understanding of how to use more of what your body has to offer.

Dr. Brian McCarroll

Phoenix & the Mystic team member, Dr. Brian McCarroll is a physical therapist graduate from Duke Medical School. Brian is an Army veteran who is passionate about helping people learn to use their own bodies the way nature intended and learn to live more fully.

Brian is a certified Wim Hof Method instructor, Oxygen Advantage instructor, and he uses these methods to help control a lifetime of stress and anxiety that he cultivated over a long career in the military. He combines his knowledge of the body and its systems with specific methods to help the body do the things you want it to do. He shows people how much the body can heal when it is given the right opportunity.

Hear From Your Passed Loved One Meditation Experience

There’s a myth that our relationship ends with the person we love when they pass away. You can feel your loved one with you like a running river of pure energy through your days, emerging as a wink, a magic moment, a miracle to collect before midnight. Without a body, your world is their canvas to communicate, and they paint themselves across your dreams, your emotions, your thoughts, your body sensations, your 5 senses, your environment.

In our time together, you will:
* Feel your passed loved one’s presence in your physical life

* Hear from the one you love on the other side through meditation

* Share the signs, symbols, synchronicities and memories your passed loved one communicates with you in an open-hearted, intuitive community

Human Rainbow: Experience Your Soul, Chakra and Aura Colors

Explore the 3 dimensions of color of your human energy field— your soul, chakra and aura colors:

✨Soul Colors: Your Legacy

The specific talents, locations,
revlotionary rolls in society and
relationships that feel the most like
you- the art that you came to be in
this lifetime

✨Chakra Colors: Your Past, Present
& Future

The tangible information of the year
ahead in finances, living situation,
work, romance, family and health

✨Aura Colors: Your Human Mood

The things you ate for lunch, what
you’re thinking in the moment, the
feelings of the people you love and
life themes that are happening
currently that want your attention
and expression

In our time together, you’ll:

*Find out what your soul colors are, and how they relate to the legac

y you came here to be, the art that you are in this world

*Experience the information of your past, present and future in a chakra meditation

*Practice seeing and feeling the aura around you + others

Chelsea MacLeod

On September 11, 2001, 12 hours after the Twin Towers collapsed, Chelsea rolled over in bed to her first period, seeing a 6 foot tall man who was darker than the dark standing in her doorway.

Since then, she’s been talking, writing and making psychic portrait paintings about her daily encounters with people who have passed away, energy colors, angels and the soul consciousness in everything.

Breathe Easy: Unlocking a Naturally Expansive Inhale

Join Evan for an immersive dive into the hows and whys of biomechanically optimal breathing. Using an array of techniques from guided meditation and self-myofascial release to gentle movement, you will leave knowing not only the practical uses of deep diaphragmatic breath, but also the tools to maintain this expansion on your own. Along with your mat, a blanket or other cushion for sitting is helpful but not necessary to bring. It is best to avoid eating heavily within an hour of this workshop.

Evan Kueffner

Mind-body integration has been Evan’s passion since discovering meditation as a collegiate wrestler. Since graduating with his BA in Psychology, his studies have included fitness training, mindfulness facilitation, shamanic energywork and Thai bodywork. In addition to his one-on-one work with clients, Evan also teaches a range of workshops oriented around mitigating neuromuscular pain. Aside from his own continually evolving yoga practice, his hobbies include cooking, writing and literally talking to plants.

Heart Beats

A drum circle ceremony. Bring your drums and or any instrument you love. We will speak on the use of the drum for connecting to the heart and to the earth. We will experience how the drum can be used as a channel for purging deep emotion, telling stories and transmutation. Through our ceremony we will speak our intentions, the first half will be releasing blocks in the body, the second half will be using the drum as prayer and manifestation.

Jacqueline Neisz

My name is Jacqueline Marie, my mission in this lifetime is to bring the life giving energy of the Divine Feminine back into the consciousness of the collective, The Earth is my church, love and presence is my medicine. I vow to honor this vessel I was given, to create a strong healthy temple through which the Goddess can work.

Earth Art: Meditation & Creation

This outdoor art class will start with a brief background on Earth Artists such as Andy Goldsworthy and Ana Mendieta for inspiration. Then, we will move into a guided meditation about change, fluidity, and energy to set our intention and open our mind’s eye for the experience of co-creating with nature, using what the mother earth offers, to create a temporary work of art. We will gather natural materials such as sticks, leaves, and dirt and arrange it into a work of art. Artworks can be made individually or collaboratively. Then, we will reconvene to show off what we have made, discuss the significance, and conclude with a closing meditation.

Julia Wozny

My name is Julia Wozny and I am a K-12 certified art teacher. I am currently a full-time elementary school art teacher and this is my 2nd year teaching art. I am also a 500-hour certified yoga instructor with specialized training in Ayurveda. I have been teaching yoga since 2016.

Gong immersion

Join us on a cosmic carpet ride into self. Relax to new depths like you have been meditating for years. Ride the waves of sound and enjoy the many benefits of sound baths. Raising our vibrations and stepping in step with your higher self.

Justin Phipps

I started classes with Christopher Davis of sacred wave gong immersion two or three years ago. I am a long time meditator, studying many types. Last summer we had a successful gong in the park series where I played in a park in Ferndale every Tuesday night (weather permitting). More recently I have joined with Donna lakes and her ascension healing arts center and school, clearing people’s houses and playing monthly events.

Yin Yoga & Gong Bath

Join us as we drop into the depths of consciousness, mindfulness, self inquiry and inner truth. This will be a gentle and mindful Yin Yoga practice followed by a gong bath savasana. This will be a very meditative experience. Throughout the gong bath, it is normal to experience a deep inner space and connect with higher consciousness. This is the place where true healing happens on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Om Shanti!

Justin True

Justin True is an RYT certified Yoga Teacher and a trained Shamanic practitioner. He’s most interested in where the methods take us. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and observation are all simply methods. We use these methods to bring us to something more authentic and of a greater depth than the mental and emotional bodies tend to take us. Justin holds space and offers opportunities for something unexpected to happen; an inner encounter or an experience; maybe even an epiphany. We’re always moving from truth to higher truth. Yoga asana, pranayama, Shamanic practices and contemplation are vehicles that can take us there, if we’re willing. Let’s ride together!

Shamanic Fire Ceremony
A fire ceremony helps us in releasing limitations and obstacles to living life in our highest potential. Fire allows for rapid transformation. It provides the avenue to honor our lessons and old belief structures by placing them into the fire and turning them over to Spirit, allowing space for new beginnings to flow. Ceremonies will be held outside by a fire- bring appropriate clothing, blanket, cushion, or chair for your comfort. You may bring rattles or drums if you like. Bring your heart and willingness to release something to the fire that is no longer serving you.
Justin & Rachel True

Rachel & Justin True of The Alchemy Home are dedicated to recovering what we believe is the essence of life: a conscious and honest relationship with ones own inner Truth. They use Yogic and Shamanic practices to support a deeper sense of belonging, self-awareness, and mindfulness into all of life. We are just walking each other home, come walk with us!

Soundbowl Meditation

In this meditation, we will restore our body and mind by sinking deep into an expansive state of consciousness. We will cultivate a deeper awareness that allows us to feel connection to self and spirit, that only sees wholeness, tranquility, and well-being.
With the aid of sound bowls we will use this meditation to reset and calm our nervous system, discover authenticity, and cultivate samadhi – healing body, mind, and spirit.

Kelsey Taylor

Kelsey has a master’s degree in public health where she studied using psychedelics as a treatment for addiction, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. She is also a licensed massage therapist, certified personal trainer, and an experienced yoga teacher.

Release+Receive Cacao Ceremony

Join us as we open our hearts, ease our minds and set our spirits free! We invite you to take this time for you, to set your intentions for the day, the weekend and the next season of life. Connecting with Cacao is a beautiful opportunity to release what is no longer serving you while welcoming in all of the creative, loving and expansive energy that is available to each of us! Together we will share a heart based meditation, awaken & expand our energy field while being guided by healing sounds and cacao bliss!

You can eliminate this part if it’s too long ((The sacred Cacao we work with comes from a very special family farm in Upala, Costa Rica. It is hand harvested, sun dried and grown with LOVE.

Love goes into everything we do and It is an honor to bring this beautiful medicine to you! ))

Lindsey Glasson

It’s a gift to share and celebrate life with you. We are honored to travel and share ceremonial cacao from a small sustainable family farm in Costa Rica, earth medicine, mindfulness and shamanic+indigenous practices.

It is our mission to live a life in service to the Creator, ( Pacha Mama) -Mother Earth and the greater good of the collective. In leading by example we hope to encourage others to live more peacefully, with self love, gratitude, kindness and compassion for all beings.

Together We create a safe and sacred space for people of ALL beliefs, backgrounds and places of origin to be vulnerable, have conscious communication and share what is on their hearts and to work through it while being supported. Combined with breathe, movement, energetic practices and a willingness to surrender what no longer serves, magical healing and transformation takes place. Guiding people back home to their truth, joy and the gifts that are within.

Co-Participatory Mantra Meditation

This is an introductory exploration into the practice of mantra and chanting as a form of meditation. Experience and share in the benefits of a chanting circle after a brief discussion laying a foundation for examining essential aspects, mechanics, rituals, and routines around cultivating a mantra practice. Discover how chanting can catalyze a flow state and deeply meditative experience.

Essential Pranayama Practice

Introductory-level lesson laying the foundation for establishing a pranayama practice. This will be a guided practice of multiple pranayamas and kriyas, all of which will be examined, explored, and experienced by engaging different bandhas and kumbhakas.

Luke Sasek

Luke has been a student of asana and meditative practices for 9 years. His dedication to daily practice and commitment to deepening his learning is fueled by an intense curiosity around the myriad ways in which breath, the somatic body, and consciousness all interplay with one another. He teaches from a rich depth of personal experience on the mat and is extensively studying with Todd Tesen and Chris Briney.

Cleansing Sound Healing

A healing experience of melodies made with sound bowls attuned to 432 hz, koshi chimes, and a tongue drum tailored for complete relaxation and returning back to center.

Maryam Aishah

Maryam Aishah is an artist, healer, and yoga teacher in training who is passionate about self-healing and self-awareness using powerful tools like yoga, breathwork, sound healing, and meditation. She realized her healing gifts on her own spiritual journey and is now sharing them with the world as a meditation teacher, sound healing facilitator, and as the host of the Asé Podcast. She facilitates guided meditation and sound healing in person and virtually for large or small groups.

Rise & Shine Tai Chi

Gentle movement, sound, intention and a short stillness meditation.

Matthew (Matu) Kurzava

Matu became certified through the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi, and is a certified Qigong teacher (pronounced ‘Chi Gung’, which is an art said to be the ‘Mother of Tai Chi’). A student of martial and meditative arts since 2000, he decided to pursue the softer side of the arts (such as Tai Chi) which contain the practical uses, with a focus on breathwork, healing and longevity.

Sounds of Blissful Surrender

Sound, a container like no other, a vehicle to carry us into our inner most selves. Come take a journey with Mike Warren, Samantha Mee, and Erik Roush as they guide you into Blissful Surrender with the healing meditative sounds of the gong, handpan, crystal bowls, chimes and more.

May we bring a little more love into our hearts, give more compassion and forgiveness to our relations, as we rise together as one.

Michael Warren

Self Touch Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is the waste removal system in the body- when the flow becomes stagnant, toxins accumulate in turn causing an array of health issues.

This is a guided self touch workshop to learn how to stimulate ones own lymphatic system.

Teaching the basics of the lymphatic anatomy and step by step how we can stimulate it with our hands for nervous system regulation, beauty, and detox.

Mysteek Skalski

Mysteek is a Lymphatic & Behavioral health specialist. Within her 9 years of experience in Manual Lymphatic Drainage she’s seen countless health transformations. Initially working exclusively one on one she is now switching gears to make this knowledge more accessible. She is offering workshops for others to learn these safe & restorative self touch techniques.
Stimulating the lymph means cleaning the inside of the body- a well functioning lymphatic flow benefits mental health, nervous system regulation, inflammation, chronic skin issues, hormonal balance and so much more.

Sound Journey

This workshop utilizes sacred sound and breath techniques allowing for you an opportunity to access a state of deep coherence, where heart, mind and emotions calibrate.
A rejuvenating immersion of symphonic, soothing sounds featuring:
Crystal Singing Bowls, Handpans, Steel Tongue Drum, Gong, Native American Flutes, Swinging Chimes, Wind Chimes and Song.

Nina Saputo

Nina Ma Swati decisively embarked on their yoga journey in 2011 when enrolled in yoga teacher training.
Nina loves a holistic yoga practice with careful attention to the law of nature, sacred sound and therapeutic touch.
Inspiring positive change with the objective being self-discovery.
A deep respect for tradition both new and old, and feel lucky to have walked the path with so many great teachers. In personal and group settings they hope to allow a safe atmosphere for one to get in touch with the here and now, the divine grace that unfolds when we’re able to realize our true nature.

Nina Ma Swati is E-RYT 500, Myomassologist, Thai Yoga Bodywork Certified, Reiki II, Sound Healing Certified
Training Received:
Irene’s Myomassology
UpDog Yoga Studio
Sunshine Thai Massage School, Thailand
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
Ayurveda Institute in Pune, India

Opening Your Heart: Heart Based Meditation

In this effortless mantra-based meditation you will learn how to use a common mantra (sound current) to calm your mind & body, guiding yourself into a state of deep relaxation where healing can occur. We will discuss what, how & why we mediate, the different layers of consciousness & common challenges people face in their practice. You’ll leave with knowledge & experience on how to perform this powerful meditation technique, daily on your own at home for life!

Samantha Mee

Samantha is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Intuitive Astrologer and Spiritual Counselor. She merges all of these practices together; for Ayurveda & Yoga are inseparable; giving students multiple modalities for reaching a higher state of health & well-being! Her work over the last decade focuses on creating and maintaining balance on all layers of the body, while also aligning to the natural cycles and patterns within nature. Her approach to health and wellness is built upon this desire to deeply empower all of her students into becoming authentic, sovereign beings who are able to advocate for their own health and well-being.

Sound Bath Mediation

This grounding sound journey offers a concert of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, chimes, and natural world instruments combined with gentle breath work, mantras, & chakra centered visualizations to bring you to a place of deep relaxation and self connection.

Tafari Stevenson-Howard

Tafari Stevenson-Howard is a Detroit, Michigan-based sound meditation facilitator.

Introduced to the world of sound healing by indigenous practitioners while visiting the Brazilian rainforest, Tafari was ignited with passion through this ancient healing medium.

Over the years, Tafari practiced various forms of meditation and yoga practices. When he was introduced to the use of sound vibration as a vehicle for well-being and balance, Tafari began sharing the practice of sound meditation with his community as a way to assist people to become more present and to foster relaxation in the mind and body by implementing sound centering tools.

In addition to Tafari’s passion for sound meditation, he is an avid world traveler and an award-winning visual artist and interpreter who has been telling stories through photography for well over a decade.

Recovery Reiki® with Sound Healing

Reiki is the ancient practice of the laying on of hands to specific energy centers located throughout the human body. It is a holistic modality which channels universal life force energy to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Recovery Reiki® is a specific type of Reiki targeting the pain associated with addiction and codependency, and ultimately heals the trauma which occurs as a result.

We’ll have singing bowls accompany this workshop.

Tara Moreno

Tara Moreno is an accomplished holistic practitioner and entrepreneur living in the United States. She has helped thousands of people overcome obstacles in their lives. Moreno is a trained Reiki Master and acudetox (auricular acupuncture) specialist. She is also a trained recovery coach and the founder and executive director of The Serenity House of Flint, a recovery community organization in Flint, Michigan geared toward helping individuals and communities overcome adversities related to addiction, codependency, and trauma. Additionally, Moreno is also the owner of Green Tara Holistic Healing.

Sacred Sound Bath

Find out what so many are now discovering …the amazing power of Sound.
SoulShine Warriors’ sound baths are healing musical performances;  Using ancient healing instruments with gongs, crystal bowls and a variety of other unique instruments.

Join us in a powerful, balancing, sacred experience that supports physical and emotional harmony, heightened meditative state, and deep relaxation, the perfect way to spend your time. The waves of sound will carry you on a Journey like no other.

Sound bathing is said to aid in healing you emotionally, mentally, and physically. The vibrations and the waves of music help heal depression, anxiety, chronic pain and insomnia; to promote deeper meditation, peaceful states of being and to spark creativity.

Sound is one of the oldest forms of healing and has been used by nearly every culture for thousands of years. Sound Baths are an acoustic sound healing journey to relax the body, calm the mind, clear the subconscious, and activate the body’s natural healing systems.

Tisa Powell

Tisa is passionate about sharing her gifts to the community for healing spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being. She spends her time serving others through, touch, sound, and energy healing. Her mission is to uplift, inspire and empower people from all walks of life to live playful, connected, balanced and magical lives.

She is certified in several modalities; Certified SomaVeda Thai Yoga practitioner, Cacao Ceremonies, Laughter Yoga, Reiki, Sacred Sound Baths, Fire Cupping and more.

Tisa’s own personal experience with pain led her to deepen her exploration into Sound Healing and its techniques. Through her Sacred Sound Baths she has found natural pain relief, spiritual development and a way to help others deepen their connection to the divine within, peacefully so they may live a life of fullness and abundance.

She is in Love with getting back to the healing that nature has to offer us. She creates Soap as Art as well as Natural and Organic products. In her spare time she enjoys drumming, spinning fire, dancing, gardening, canning, and more. Her aim is to manifest Promiiwihan Sii or “the practical expression of loving kindness.”

Empowerment Through Holy Fire Reiki

This is a three-part workshop that will offer participants the opportunity to be guided through the art of intuitive healing with Holy Fire Reiki. No experience is required to attend. Part I | Grounding A brief moving meditation with affirmations to help redirect state of mind and integrate Reiki energy directly into the physical body. This experience has proven to be especially helpful for anyone who has not been attuned to Reiki. Part II | Ascending A guided Holy Fire Reiki visualization that supports relaxation and deep healing accompanied with sound bath. Part III | Surrendering Participants are encouraged to journal about their experience and will be given the opportunity to share [optional] followed by a closing prayer. Additional Information: Participants are encouraged to bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow/bolster, and journal. All other materials will be provided during workshop.

Truth Barrett

Truth [she/her] is a professional intuitive energy healer and affiliate member of the International Center for Reiki Training [ICRT] with years of experience. She received my Usui/Holy Fire Karuna Master training with the ICRT at the birthplace of the Usui Method of Natural and Holistic Healing [a 100-year lineage] at Kurama Yama [Mount Kurama] in Kyoto, Japan. This training was facilitated by ICRT founder, William Lee Rand. Truth offers private Reiki sessions, Reiki certification courses and monthly community Reiki shares. Additionally, Truth offers sound bath meditations, yoga instruction, and creates intentional jewelry. Learn more by visiting and/or connect on Instagram: @transitionsbytruth [business] [personal].

Breath and Awareness Techniques to Regulate the Nervous System

Your nervous system is your body’s exquisite command center. The way you experience life is inextricably entwined with the state of your nervous system. In this workshop we will playfully explore specific breath and awareness practices that directly support the wellbeing of your nervous system. We will discuss simple ways to immediately apply these techniques into everyday life, adding to your tool kit of self care. Attendees will leave this workshop feeling informed, rested, and rejuvenated.

Vanessa Cronan

Vanessa Cronan has been a student of the esoteric arts for the past 2 decades. For the last four years she has been a practitioner of Transformative Energy Work™ and is in a long term apprenticeship with Kenneth Jover.

As a born empath Vanessa has dedicated her life to navigating the complexities of being a highly sensitive person in the modern world. Through trial and many errors Vanessa has cultivated techniques that bring lucidity to the more subtle realms. She shares these techniques in weekly classes, workshops, and in one on one client sessions.