Today is International Women’s Day and to celebrate we are featuring some of the incredible local business owners and strong women who contribute to our community. Barefoot & Free is all about being inspired and uplifted and these women are the definition. We hope you love these ladies as much as we do!

Kelli Quatro-Harrington, Owner of Red Yoga Ann Arbor

“I come from a family of business owners, so it was no question for me to open my own studio. Being a woman in business has its struggles, but I am inspired daily by the women that work and practice alongside of me—it makes it all worth it. Women are compassionate, strong, organized, bad ass leaders in the community. No denying that we can DO IT ALL!”

Jan VanElslander and Ani Gavoor Niffin, Owners of In Harmony Yoga Studio Milford

Jan and Ani’s business was inspired by their desire to bring yoga to their community, promote healing, and create a safe place for people to gather. Being surrounded by a community of other female business owners who support one another has allowed them to grow their business and overcome any struggles that arise.

Stephanie Williams, Owner of Zen Movement Studio Bloomfield Hills

Stephanie has always worked in self-generated positions with lots of freedom and self-motivated creativity. As someone teaching yoga at multiple different locations, she was drive to open her own yoga studio!

“Although it felt risky to commit to build out and rent my own space, I am so happy I did it! It is wonderful to be surrounded by likeminded and positive people, as well as invest my creativity and energy into one growing and thriving community!”

Stephanie has been inspired by her mom’s “go-get-em” attitude, her sister’s authenticity and leadership, and her close gal friends who live inspiring lives holding one another up. She has also been influenced by yoga teachers Jennifer Yarro and Veronica Zador.

“Although I am yet to be a mom, ALL working mothers inspire and encourage me with examples of determination, focus, frit, and grace.”

Misty Marcum, Owner of Luna Moon SUP—Paddleboarding and Vegan Lip Balms

As a female business owner with a strong core of values, Misty has always aimed to lead with integrity in something she is passionate about. Her mom always told her that she could do anything with a brave heart.


Nicole Teufel, Owner of Blue Moon Wild Yoga Studio Ann Arbor

Nicole pursued owning her own business as someone with endless ideas and innovative approaches—she sought to have agency over her creative expression and impact level.

“I always intended to create something for myself and something that created more good in the world, but ending up marrying my most innate and life-giving passion (yoga) to my profession was an indescribable gift! I am so thankful for this every day.”

Her yoga teachers have been her biggest inspiration, continually reminding her to live from her heart. Her biggest success has been raising her 3 year old daughter as a single parent since her daughter’s birth while successfully running her own business.


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