Thank you for your interest in bringing your offering to the 5th annual Barefoot and Free Yoga Festival.

Become A Barefoot & Free Vendor!

Standard Vendor Package

This fee will include a 10×10 activation space at the festival. You will need to provide your own tent, tables, chairs, set-up and any décor/items you’d like to show-case your products.

Exclusive Vendor Package

This fee will include everything listed in the “standard vendor package”, but you will be the only vendor in your category (i.e. only jewelry vendor).

We are looking for businesses in the following categories:

Those selling beautiful creations that yogi’s will feel adorned in! Clothing, jewelry, accessories, homemade/handmade products, beauty products, fair trade ethical creations, or yoga accessories.

Healing Arts:

Those with experience in the arts of palm reading, astrology, shamans, healing herbs, massage, reflexologist, acupuncturist, or similar offerings.

Food & Beverage:

Those offering food with a high vibe healthy specialty!

New this year, vendors can add on camping and festival passes to their package.

  • Camping – $60
  • Festival pass – $100

Apply to be a vendor at our 2021 festival by completing the form below.

Our attendees are conscious & proactive members of their respective circles including environmentally aware, socially conscious, passionately proud and unashamedly unique.  Our attendees cannot be pigeon holed into a specific brand stereotype and open mindedness is highly valued. Exposure to these free thinking trail blazers will most certainly mean  brand exposure that defies the boundaries of the weekend festival.
During the first year of the festival, our goal was to host a culmination of 500 souls who could connect barefoot and free–actually exceeding this goal hosting 600.  This year we project  upwards of 2000, largely because we value participants feedback and acted on it–adding a multitude of new experiences–relevant musical acts, compelling healing arts workshops, nourishing food trucks and unique local vendors.

The Barefoot Experience — July 28-30 2017

Barefoot and Free Yoga Festival is the first of it’s kind to reach Metro Detroit & it’s surrounding suburbs.  Locally owned and operated, Beth James took the magic she discovered year after year as a young girl at Proud Lake, building upon that to include transformative yoga classes and healing workshops.  She established Barefoot and Free Yoga Festival to open and share that magical experience of unbridled freedom with others.  This annual festival is in it’s second year, so start at the ground and grow with us.  We love to keep the intimate neighborhood vibe strong by staffing local yoga teachers and highlighting healers of this area to showcase the greatness in Michigan.  Nationally known yoga teachers and healers punctuate the lineup to strengthen the value of collaboration within the yoga community.

Let’s Grow & Experience Our Full Potential Together

We want the fabric of our community to weave together a rich tapestry with threads from deliberately selected organizations & companies, enhancing growth for all in a way that cannot be achieved individually.  We take pride in cultivating sponsorship packages that fit your needs & objectives as a growing presence in this community.