For Women, Mamas & Goddesses

We can’t wait to welcome so many wonderful women, mamas and goddesses to share their incredible offerings this year. Check out all of the incredible offerings below and get your tickets today!

Pussy Power: Goddess Activation Portal III

Calling all self-defining goddesses and femmes!

Join Beth James, Adina Marie Bishop, Alice Lucas and Soojin Kim as we reclaim our sacred feminine essence in the divine company of our fellow sisters. The juiciness of this offering was beckoning to be shared in the woods and we can’t wait to dive deep with you.

Together we will adorn each other, share in powerful partner work, receive Reiki healing, hold space for a potent sharing circle, connect to our bodies, hearts and spirits by acknowledging the power and magic that resides in our sacred feminine energy. When sisters come together to honor the divine in each other, pussy power can create and manifest anything!

Beth James, Adina Marie, Alice Lucas, Soojin Kim

Alice Lucas is a creative and compassionate yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner. Alice is a lover of inversions, sunsets, and wildflowers, and is passionate about helping people tap into the light of growth and healing that exists within.

Beth James is a yoga teacher, mom, creator of Barefoot & Free, retreat & event curator. She prefers being unkempt in nature, making food & soaking up life’s sweet nectars with her loved ones.

Adina Marie Rose is an energy healer, Usui Reiki teacher, past life regression therapist, creator, lover + muse.

Soojin Kim is a yoga and mediation teacher, a healer who is inspired to weave many different types of movement modalities to help you unleash your inner playful and wild spirit to connect to your most authentic spirit and love of living.

Mommy & Me Yoga

Yoga class offered for mommas with little ones preferably under the age of 2 but can make modifications for any age.

Haley Pritkin

My name is Haley. I gave birth to my first son Kirby in March of last year. I started teaching mom & me yoga with Maya Biggs at elevated yogis new ashram in the boston-edison district this past spring.

Maya Biggs

I am here to share and speed love with all! I offer reiki, yoga, plant based nutrition cooking and coaching. I am changing the world one conversation at a time! I am a new mom currently working on creating an optimal environment for my child and the children to come!

Women’s Empowerment Circle

Women of all ages have gathered together in circles for thousands of years. These circles hold so much magic and power, yet we’ve forgotten how important it is to gather as women in our busy modern world. These tribal connections were a part of our survival and are still a part of our DNA. Our bodies remember these primal experiences every time we gather. We learn to be women from other women.
This Women’s Empowerment Circle is a beautiful opportunity to connect with other women and be seen and heard exactly as you are in your messiness and celebrations.  When we enter a circle, it’s an opportunity to take off the masks we wear, ready to be witnessed by other supportive, loving, and compassionate women. When we show up fully and authentically in a supportive, safe, and non-judgmental space, we begin to trust other women and release negativities that have plagued female relationships for far too long. Jealousy, competition, and comparison, for example, prevent women from collaborating, connecting, empowering, and supporting each other.
The world will change when women start to look inward and heal our female relationships. In this safe space, we begin to heal the sister wound and remove the layers and barriers that are in the way of us fully empowering and lifting ourselves and each other up. We’re only as strong as the women next to us, so the more we empower others, the more we empower ourselves.
This circle offers a chance to slow down, move your body, self-reflect, share, learn, hold space, and love….together! And when we do, we begin to break down the walls and chains that have held women back for centuries, allowing women everywhere to rise into the radiant, sovereign, wild, and free badasses we’re meant to be.


Leah McQuade

Leah McQuade is a feminine freedom coach, master healer, breathwork facilitator and yoga teacher. She loves to empower women to get unstuck through discovering their wisdom, unlocking their potential and finding freedom to embody their divine purpose.

Like many of us, Leah’s journey toward her transformation has a lot of twists and turns. She vividly remembers her first taste of freedom when she recognized she had everything she needed for total liberation within herself. She loves helping others remove the barriers to their own freedom and liberation and guiding them to see the power that lies within.

Leah is a Master Certified Life Coach and has a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy specializing in women’s health. She holds numerous certifications in shamanic studies and various modern and traditional yoga styles. Leah blends her unique life experiences, knowledge, and skills to guide people in removing blockages that might be in the way of living a full and vibrant life.

Through groups, one-on-one coaching, virtual online portals, and healing sessions, Leah inspires people worldwide to find the strength and courage to begin their healing journey and clear what stands in the way of them and their dreams. It’s in the healing of the wounds and pains of our past that we can shine our light, find our unique voice, and live our most authentic lives.

Leah is a soul-preneur, traveling junkie, activist, and outdoor enthusiast. She’s traveled to over 40 countries and recently spent 18 months touring North America with her husband in a 25-foot RV and loved every minute of it.

You can find Leah at,  leahmcquade1 on Instagram, or Leah.mcquade1 on Facebook

Breakthrough Burnout Masterclass

I spent a large part of my professional career feeling burnout. I was stressed, and my mental, emotional, and physical body shut down. I felt confused, lost, and lacked presence and empathy for people and the loved ones in my life.

I went on a journey to heal burnout. I started doing more self-care-related activities and prioritized myself. I even quit my job. Except, a few short years later, when I started my coaching business, I fell right back into burnout.

The self-care things I was doing helped but to be honest, I hadn’t really healed or gotten to the root cause of the burnout. So I repeated the pattern.

I spent several years studying and healing the root cause of my own burnout, and I want to let you in on the secrets to breaking through burnout once ance for all.

I’m honored to share with you what I’ve learned about healing burnout from the roots so you can transform your life from the inside out and create lasting sustainable change.

This is for you if:
– You’re feeling stuck in life.
– You are exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed by everyday life.
– You feel a restlessness inside.
– You’re feeling a deep yearning and knowing there is more to life than the one you’re living.
– You are unable to turn your brain off and be present for your loved ones.
– You feel like you’re doing and carrying it all, and nothing would get done if you didn’t do it.
– You keep achieving and are successful, but you never feel like you’re doing enough.
– You have a strong inner critic and inner judge.
– Your identity and self-worth is tied up in how much you can give to others
– Your M.O. is to please everyone

If you’re feeling burnout and stressed (let’s be real, who isn’t these days) and you want to get to the root cause so you can create a life you love and stop begrudgingly going through the motions of life, join us for this Breakthrough Burnout Masterclass.

Get off the hamster wheel and heal what’s truly stopping you from living the life of your dreams. It starts right here, and it begins with you taking this small action and carving out space for yourself.


Topless Yoga & Self-Love Workshop

Feel empowered and beautiful in your body, release self judgment with the help of our community.

We co-host this event regularly at Zupac Life and have witnessed participants break through energetic barriers within a sacred and safe container.

We begin in a circle on our yoga mats, allowing participants to speak what’s on their heart. We then set the stage for the empowered ritual of removing our tops together.

Marina takes us through an asana practice, Ray follows, incorporating the use of roses to guide a tantric inspired self-love massage. We finish in savasana where Marina uses crystal singing bowls to enhance the experience and help participants integrate the practice. We leave space for journaling and sharing before we close our sacred container.

This event is open for all people with breasts and those connected to womanhood. Trans and non-binary inclusive. We believe in the empowered experience of healing ourselves and hope to share this unique offering with the barefoot community this summer.

Marina Chupac

Marina Chupac, known as ‘the hippie lawyer’, is the Co-founder of the Zupac Life wellness studio. The space is situated in the lower level of Zupac Law in Royal Oak. Marina is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher, criminal defense lawyer, and soon-to-be-certified life coach. She is passionate about sharing the practices and tools she has collected through world travel, self study, and training. She incorporates her holistic values into her legal and coaching work to help clients who struggle with mental health and substance abuse. She believes that every individual has the ability to radically transform their human experience by making intentional and healthy lifestyle choices, having the support of community, and seeking balance in daily life.

Ray Goutman is a doctoral level psychologist and a soon-to-be tantric inspired sex, love, and relationship coach. Ray believes that our deepest wisdom comes from our bodies and that somatic work is the key to transformation and healing. Her focus is on self-empowerment and affirms that everyone is worthy of living a fully empowered life. Her experience in sexual empowerment programs motivated her to help others feel deeply connected and in love with their bodies and sexuality. She is committed to using joy and pleasure as her guideposts in all she does and looks forward to sharing her radiance with you!

Rachel Goutman
Ray Goutman is a doctoral level psychologist and a soon-to-be tantric inspired sex, love, and relationship coach. Ray believes that our deepest wisdom comes from our bodies and that somatic work is the key to transformation and healing. Her experience in sexual empowerment programs motivated her to help others feel deeply connected and in love with their bodies and sexuality. She is committed to using joy and pleasure as her guideposts in all she does and looks forward to sharing her radiance with you!