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We are so excited to have so many incredible musicians and perfomers join us this summer. Check out all of the incredible offerings below and get your tickets today!

New this year ~ Talent Show!

We will have a sign up the week before, 15 minutes to perform on our stage!!! All ages, performances welcome!!!

Ecstatic Tribal Dance and Drumming

This event we will call upon our ancestors and stand on the shoulders of giants and we channel their energy, thier strength, thier wisdom through movement and drums.



Aaron Sudo & Aaron Eschenburg

Dos coyotes (Aaron & Aaron) two brothers for lifetimes, back at it again to share the medicine of the world in its many forms.  Sound, Song, Dance, Plants, and so much more, we couldn’t be happier to join the barefoot crew once again this year

Ecstatic Dance Journey

Ecstatic Dance, AKA Conscious Clubbing, is a consent based movement practice that encourages music to be your intoxicant. Whether you’re any good at dancing or not is irrelevant — this is simply about letting go, unleashing or releasing what’s inside and moving freely in any way you wish by being true to yourself. Some people dance, do yoga, meditate, and so much more, during these events. Our dance is about expression, not perfection. We set judgment aside, of ourselves, and others.
It’s not so much about what you look like, but what you feel like, when moving within your mind and body. Judgment usually requires punishment. Instead, we use Discernment in listening to what our minds and bodies need in each moment. Show up for yourself and others, close your eyes, take a deep breath and move with us through this enlivening and supportive journey.

Charity Loring

Charity Loring, LMSW
is the Founder, Facilitator, Music Curator/ DJ of Detroit & A2 Ecstatic Dance. Charity is also a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Dance Therapist and has a passion for helping people create a mind and body connection within themselves and with others. Charity facilitates an energetic, safe and empowering container for people to feel safe in exploring their therapeutic process of emotional and physical movement.

Kirtan with Vishnu Blue

Kirtan is the art of ecstatic chant. At its fundamental level it is singing together as a group. The art of Kirtan is found in how we approach this type of spiritual practice. We must transcend our ordinary habits of thinking, releasing our self-consciousness and find our own unique voice, which is the center of our personal power and the expression of our soul.
No previous experience necessary. Come to sing, to dance or just to listen.
This is not a performance. This is sincere and real spiritual practice. Come find your voice!

Restorative Yoga Practice with Live Ambient Music

Rest & Refresh Restorative Yoga Practice which not only allows us to relax and release, but also to turn inward to know ourselves deeply. This class features live ambient music using guitar, synthesizers & drumming which all assists to create a sound journey experience.

David Shiva Das

Vishnu Blue has been offering sincere kirtans for over 10 years. They have played at yoga festivals, yoga studios and other events nationally and internationally. Abhi Durga Devi leads and plays harmonium, David Shiva Das plays guitar and ektar. Tom Price plays drums & percussion.

Dayley May’s Family Friendly Sing-a-Long 

Dayle Extrell and her puppet friends will play and sing some family favorites, along with some original children’s songs and chants! Audience participation strongly encouraged!

Dayle Extrell

Dayle was introduced to yoga while earning a BFA in music and theatre at Central Michigan University. The physical practice helped with breath support and was a great way to ‘warm-up’ before a show. As an anxious actor in NYC, the yoga mat quickly became a place of refuge, while fostering self-love, compassion and providing a much needed community.  While her interest in the stage faded out, sharing the gifts of yoga moved into the spot light.  She is an E-RYT and YACEP with over 3,500 teaching hours that have spanned NYC, Colorado and now back home in the Great Lake State! for more, check out

Vnesswolfchild and Saltbreaker come together to present PUPA, a time to rest into a nest of healing frequencies. Lush landscapes of sound will create a space for the body to open and soften while a guided meditation directs the energetic field to release and restore. Transformation and refreshment abound.

Rachele Eve

Rachele Eve is a recording artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Detroit, MI.  Her latest release, Dancing Under Neowise, features “OMNI,” an Italo Disco jam for the revolution and “HUE,” an intimate, soft synth space odyssey of an empowered heart celebrating its worthiness. With the help of multi-instrumentalist and producer, The Lasso, their collaboration on DUN led to Eve’s prominent feature on his latest album, “2121” released on Mello Music Group, featuring A Billi Free, Ill Camille, Fat Tony, Hemlock Ernst, Psychic Twin, and a host of other incredible artists.

Eve is a third-generation Italian American— a storyteller and an incurable romantic. Over the past two decades, the songstress’ style of confessional and emotionally rich compositions span several independently released albums and over hundreds of live shows, all devoted to the heart space.




instagram: @rachele_eve