Tori Washington

Tori Washington is a Transformational Speaker, Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Guide. Tori is known as the no-bullshit soul sister you’ve always wanted. She brings spiritual concepts down to earth so they’re easy to understand, fun to experience and simple to apply to your every day life. Through her teachings of the 12 Laws of the Universe, she helps women activate their intuition, own their spirituality and step into their life’s purpose with soul-blazing confidence. Her greatest joy is liberating the hearts of others to rise as a change makers on this planet while remembering what it’s like to truly have fun again in the process.


Signature Workshops:

  • Intuition 101 (sometimes I call this the Third Eye Experience) | a 2 hour experience designed to demystify your intuition and help you go from blocked & indecisive to an intuitive badass in action. We will be covering: how to balance logic with intuition, how to understand the unique language of your intuition, the difference between fear vs intuition and so much more! 
  • Meet Your Spirit Guides | includes a vision quest to meet your main spirit guide, intuitive healing and a short spiritual talk on how to connect with your guides in a spirit deeper way. 
  • 12 Laws to Get Anything You Want | a 2 hour exploration of the 12 laws of the Universe and how to leverage these laws to manifest personally and professionally.