Jaclyn Renee

Jaclyn Renee is a Holistic Health Coach and Digestion Specialist. She became a Health Coach 5 years ago after healing her gut issues using food and self-care as her medicine. She has helped many women discover the tools to better digestion and get them feeling comfortable in their own skin again. Jaclyn also specializes in food sensitivities and eliminating toxic triggers to increase vitality and prevent disease.

With every bite, you are either feeding or fighting disease.

Class Offerngs: Gut Health

Have you been struggling with bloating, digestive distress or chronic inflammation of the gut? Join Holistic Health Coach Jaclyn Renee for a deep dive into how we really digest food and the steps we are taking every day to cause problems in our digestion. She’ll provide you with the tools you need to break free from these symptoms and get your gut back on track.