Art & Nature Workshops

We are so excited to have so many incredible instructors leading us in connection using art and nature as a medium at this year’s festival. Check out all of the incredible offerings below and get your tickets today!

Composting 101

There are many ways to make a successful compost pile, the method of composting one chooses will be based on their situation and goals. We will give an overview of multiple composting methods so you can leave the class knowing which type of composting will fit your unique needs. We will discuss the benefits of composting, and the ways we can use our compost to restore soil, environmental, and human health. We will connect the parallels between soil health and human health though the gut microbiome and also provide ways to improve our inner soil. We will answer any specific questions and share composting tips we have learned from our experience. Lastly, we will give a demonstration on how to construct easy at-home composting systems such as a bokashi bin and a vermicomposting bin.

Chandler Michalsky & Alexa

Alexa is a living soil cannabis cultivator for Hypha, a state licensed facility in Kalkaska MI. Chandler is the soil director for Wormies vermicomposting in Grand Rapids. Alexa and Chandler are both compost and microbiology educators that focus on eliminating the stigma associated with microorganisms and providing ways to integrate with the microbial world through many forms of composting. They are also co-founders of the Michigan Compost Cup, a composting festival located in Bellaire, MI that is centered around building soil and community. Their mission is to inoculate minds and bodies with the empowering knowledge of composting.

Intuitive Nature Painting

A painting workshop to tap into your intuitive expression while using nature as your tools, canvas, and inspiration. Break through limiting beliefs of what it means to be an “artist”, nurture your inner child, and expand your creativity!

Molly Talo

Molly Talo is a licensed clinical social worker primarily providing psychotherapy for anxiety, depression, and generational and relational trauma, supporting people in their journey to self love and exploration of joy. Molly also passionately provides psychedelic integration support and is a life long art hobbyist that loves to tap into her inner child through intuitive painting.

“Nature Walk” Meditative Yin Fusion

Clear, balance, and align your mind, body & soul with this gentle meditative flow that teaches you to invite stillness and inner peace.

“you bring the mat – we’ll bring the zen”

Sandy will guide your mind’s eye through a meditative and healing “nature walk”. We’ll be immersed in the surroundings and sounds of nature in the park to aid you with going within and shutting out everything except the sounds of nature.

This meditation is fused with gentle yin poses to alleviate tension, enhance breath awareness, and develop mindfulness. Join us to discover the inner awareness we only discover through stillness.

Sandy DeWitte

Phoenix & the Mystic team member Sandy DeWitte’s love of yoga began in 2003 when she joined a local gym that offered yoga classes.  After 15 years of practicing yoga, Sandy received her RYT-200 certification.  In 2021, Sandy received her RYT-500 certification.  

Sandy has a gentle, meditative style. She loves to teach and provides a calm atmosphere for her students to connect with their mind, body & spirit through their breath and movement to find inner peace.  

There are many ways for a student to reach tranquility and Sandy hopes to accommodate this journey for all of her students.  Sandy believes that Yoga & Meditation bring a level of calmness to your life that is vital and missing in today’s hectic world where life is speeding by.

Brush Making + Intuitive Painting

Utilizing found objects from nature and non-traditional materials, we will create our own paintbrushes. After, we will use the brushes to create paintings. We will explore intuitive and playful approaches of art making.

Taylor Beardsall

Taylor Beardsall is a Board Certified Art Therapist (ATR-BC), Certified Life Coach, and Yoga Teacher (RYT-200, Certified YogaCalm Youth Instructor, YogaMedics Certified). She provides creative mind-body services for individuals, groups, and organizations. Through these expressive approaches, Taylor supports clients in working through difficult emotions, gaining clarity, self-discovery, and creating actionable steps toward goals. She accompanies participants as a non-judgmental, fully present, and supportive facilitator on their journey of using art-making and movement for healing. Taylor is a founder and art therapist at Solstice Healing Arts Collective, an expressive arts therapies studio in Bloomfield Hills, MI.